iPhone 12 Questions, Accessories, iOS 14.1 Release and more


iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro pre-order, accessories, iOS 14.1 release date, iOS 14.2 Beta 3 and more. In this video I go over the different questions you have about iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 pro Max. I also cover MagSafe charging compatibility, and when to expect the release of iOS 14.1. #iphone12 #iphone12pro #iOS14 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:06 – iPhone 12 pre-order
00:28 – Oval connector on the side of iPhone 12
01:16 – MagSafe
02:15 – 120Hz Pro Motion
03:24 – iPhone 12 Pro Battery life
04:22 – Smart Data Mode explained
05:07 – iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Reception
05:54 – iOS 14.1 expected release date
07:44 – iPhone 12 pro Cases
08:10 – iOS 14.2 Possible Release
08:27 – No charger in the box
09:25 – Current phone lineup
09:32 – iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro prices
10:07 – Conclusion
10:33 – Outro
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  1. P S says

    I ordered the 12 mini thru Apple. I assume they have stock. I traded my iPhone 11 because it’s too big.

  2. John Doe says

    Has to do with the frequency spectrum 5G will use in the US. For example in Europe another spectrum is in use .

  3. Rawie Omid says

    9:40 12 pro mini? 😄

  4. Rahul says

    Aaron always makes quality content, no doubt about it.

  5. Ritz Carlton says

    @Zollotech : even if you're an iPhone User too, you will have to purchase it separately while you are upgrading your old iPhone to new iPhone 12 series! How can you sell / exchange your old iPhone without adapter and earphones? Who will buy the used iPhone without adapter and earphones??? People like you, having many iPhones are not having any problems!. And people who wants to keep their old iPhone with new iPhone 12 series have no problems! But people like Me whoever wants buy a new iPhone series by selling or exchanging their old iPhone/android phone or buying new iPhone first time having the problems… I'm among them, and we are the majority…99% !!! You are hiding the real facts here backing the apple up !!!!

  6. Ritz Carlton says

    @Zollotech : 07:42 51% not ordering….!!!! WooW

  7. Omar Barry says

    I really like this style of video you should do more videos like this in the future and I hope that one day you will do vlogs hope you have a wonderful weekend Aaron

  8. Lilly Keil says

    Millimeter wave 5G is basically shortwave 5G (it's super fast). It's meant for many people in one small area (for example, airports, sports stadiums, highly trafficked areas of populated downtown cities, etc.). There's your 5G (short range) which is what the iPhone 12/12 Pro will have, and then you have the medium-long range 5G (which is what you would normally be used to with 4G towers, but unfortunately the US is not caught up enough in the 5G game to have enough of a 5G medium-long range network system).

  9. shamsul reco says

    with no chargeing brik still sold out

  10. J Rallis says

    You have a great voice. Always like watching your reviews thank you

  11. iPhone Apple Fan says

    This looks nice but I’ll stick with my iPhone 8plus it’s still in good shape and it still does everything I need it to do

  12. Drones and simulation says

    it is not carrier thing, 5 mmwv is pretty much unsable, I mean those hight frenquencies signas are block just placing your hang in front of the iphone

  13. Ethan Hawi says

    The iPhone12 already came out

  14. Vishal Jain says

    What is the mm


    Please make a video on iPhone 12 mini

  16. Rosmel Bernal says

    just an update 14.2 beta 3 is not stable yet for me imessages stopped working for one number and i can send regular texts and get a reply from the same number downgrading right away to hope it will fix it

  17. S/V Lusca says

    Wish Apple would get with the times, mask time, how much would it cost for the to have added touch id in the power button. Why no USB C?

  18. Glen says

    MacSafe? MagSafe?

  19. Svetoslav Popov says

    Magsafe had real purpuse and functionality when it was on Macbooks, now it is just a gimmick.

  20. dinesh singh says

    Your explanation is same as Pure android experience without any bloatware…good work …👍

  21. Benjamin Leclère says

    how bout the eye fatigue differences

  22. Peter Charlton says

    How did you get the old Instagram icon

  23. Eric Alderson says

    I ordered the Pacific Blue but waited until my ship date slipped to mid November. I need to get the leather case that Apple somehow fumbled to get out in time for release day. These unprecedented times I guess. Love the videos.

  24. Solrac M7 says

    12 pro mini??? At nine minutes and 41 seconds

  25. Ernest Porter says

    will that interfere with reception when hold int the phone that 5g antenna

  26. Gaurav Gupta says

    I have iphone 7.. should I upgrade to 12 or wait for 13???

  27. hellreza says

    will magsafe be strong enough to support the weight of the phone? and case?
    or is it just a safety feature in case someone trips on the cord while charging?

  28. Joseph Nguyen says

    I’m gonna wait for the iPhone 13 since there will be 120hz

  29. Ma Vi says

    Plss do iPhone x Vs iPhone 12

  30. ed3432 says

    Yo, dawg. Ya look like “Gomer Pyle” in the movie”Full Metal Jacket” The one who committed suicide sitting on the shitter. Doesn’t make you a bad guy, though.😜

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