iPhone: Completely DELETE ALL your data safely before selling your device



When looking at selling a phone nowadays we can’t be careless with all the important data we hold on these pocket devices. So with the iPhone how hard is it to delete all your sensitive data? Well I’ll show you 2 easy methods you can use to be totally safe when getting rid of your old iPhone. Hope it helps and please comment if it does!

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  1. Cake Npizza says

    Who is 2018 like

  2. Thomas Ciccone says


  3. Gary Thomas says

    My phone has been acting up a lot should I do this

  4. Nova 431 says

    hey guys

  5. Kevin Jones says

    Disable phone via wrong password input then connect to itunes from a computer you havent plugged it into follow the steps and it wipes everything. No hassle no fake sites collecting your data before it wipes your phone!

  6. Pui Pegasi says

    but i forgot my @icloud.com password :v

  7. PR M says

    Will it only erase my data that I inputed on my iphone?  Is it going to erase the phone original content like:  icons, wifi connection, calendar, clock, etc etc?

  8. Pedro B says

    sendo! had that phone.. We're getting old 🙁

  9. LengthyMakiRoll5 says

    it does not help me at all

  10. James Brown says

    Thank you for this great video! Very useful!! I just deleted all my content and settings form my iPhone 5s and will be selling on Gazelle or CellCashier.   

  11. Marcel Stevahn says

    So I am assuming that this is done while you are disconnected from the internet?

  12. sakura6792 says

    this works if i forgot my passcode???

  13. Polly Summer says

    I did this to my iPhone 4 but its stayed on the loading sign!! What do I do it's been like this for about 4 hours now??

  14. Joe Sentral says

    Thank you = shokrran In arabic

  15. sumaiya iqbal says

    This was so easy

  16. Mark Sosebee says

    I have an IPhone I need to return to Apple.  I purchased a new one because the screen on mine went crazy.  It still works fine using Siri which tells me all the data is still on the phone, I am just unable to see it.  I can guess at where the numbers are and even dial a number.  Only problem I can't find my settings button due to so many apps.  Remember, I can't see the screen because its a blurr.  I really need to do a hard reset and delete all my information.  I need to do it through a computer.  Any advise on how to do that?  I need help ASAP, I have 3 days to get this phone returned.  Thanks, Mark

  17. foa says

    I have one problem. When i do that its deleting, but when i conect with a computer i can still see the backupp and restore the iphone. Why??

  18. Thrifty Mervis says

    does this basically make your iphone back to brand new settings

  19. Valerie Chambers says


  20. Knowlton Atkinson says

    It said "International roming is currently off" so how do I turn it on?

  21. raziq muhamad says

    If i reset content and setting will my network setting lost

  22. WrestlingNun says

    Help, dazz4590 my iPhone 3gs got stock deleting everything, it's almost new, please help what do I do.

  23. William Rheaume says

    Awesome………. super simple and to the point. Thanks, I owe you one.

  24. viola magz says

    how could it wipe completely? without others hacking it? thanks…

  25. viola magz says

    Hi can I just ask if I do erase all the content and settings. Does this one makes sure that it would erase completely my files? And nobody can recover my deleted files? Because I heard that they could still used the "data recovery system" even though you already deleted the file. I just want to be safe from the hackers. Hope you would reply. Thanks

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