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In today’s Daily Fix, Sydnee speculates on Sony’s tease of a possible Game Pass competitor, and Rockstar officially reveals the latest GTA Online heist. And if you have that PS5 bug that prevents you from downloading games, Sony has a fix! And it’s not a system patch or anything!

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  1. justme0411 says

    When does her contract end?

  2. Operator Music says

    The best move Sony could do right now in response to game pass is to roll PlayStation Now into the PS+ subscription model. PlayStation Now isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s a service that’s already there and just needs some more love and care. If they included it in their PS+ model, it would validate the price tag once again and would be an answer to backwards capability for PS3 games on PS4/5 since they stopped offering free PS3/PSV games in the monthly bundles. They wouldn’t need to include their new releases, because, well, they aren’t under any obligation to do so. But having a larger library of games easily accessible to players would be a very customer friendly move.

  3. LSSJ says

    I love her gaming reporting

  4. Sheik Tayeem says

    No one wants lame pass besides a few xbots. SPIDERMAN morales has sold millions of copies ww and a million on ps5 alone

  5. LMactans says

    Quick click here! We got news about PlayStation gamepass!… Me curious, Me clicks. IGN – We have no news!

  6. Jermel Purse says

    I don’t see how Sony support anything similar to game pass that would cost a lot of money to set up end to continue to finance. You have to understand that right now at this very moment game pass is running at a loss it is not making money for Microsoft. In order for a subscription-based model like this to work you need lots of subscribers just ask Netflix or Amazon. It took years for their subscription-based programs to actually be profitable. It’s only doesn’t have the capital on hand to make a program like game pass. If they did they would have to make something smaller and how can you compete if your program is smaller

  7. BTMaverick707 says

    Lol but gamepass isn't sustainable… ps5 can't put ps5 games on ps4 because they're going in a "different direction" Playstation will always have disc base consoles…

  8. Sole Dlamini says

    They should tease new restock units

  9. Karan Joshi says

    Gamepass seems to be sustainable but in short term would cut on profits. It also boosts sales of games as people like to own boxed versions of beloved games.

  10. andrublood says

    We know your name
    No need to say it every fricken video you are in

  11. EasyMode Gamer says

    Xbox: IM IN DANGER 😂

  12. Aseem HDX says

    Sony earns big through thier exclusive games and Adding them to a gamepass will cause a massive hit
    Unless they provide that gamepass on PC and Mobile too
    I just dont see it happening

  13. Darrell Garrett says

    Sydnee is such a Xbox fangirl and always hates on PlayStation! No Credibility!

  14. C C says

    Microsoft and Sony have to increase stock on shelves by flooding the supply so scalpers can lose their money.

  15. Bevan says

    Listening and trusting Jim Ryan is the last thing I will ever do

  16. I agree but I think that says

    They definitely won’t beat Xbox game pass but they damn sure need something to at least follow behind with.

  17. Jan Rikardsen says

    Hahaga! It can never compete with gamepass

  18. Hellgatyr says

    Anything that give more money to developer is great deal
    More quality on the game

  19. Marawan Tarek says

    IGN is now about ads and speculation about nothing and based on nothing. noice 👍🏼 10/10 makes u feel like journalism is dead

  20. EKspeed says

    I'm sure Sony said last time that something like game pass is not sustainable

  21. Marcus A. says

    A library of older playstation games through their ps plus service would make sense

  22. An Easy-Bake Oven says

    Don't movies also cost millions to develop? lol

  23. tyler_mcdonald says

    So what’s ps now

  24. Beyond Zetabyte says

    If playstation brings something like xbox game pass then no one will buy xbox. That's for sure

  25. Jgunz123 says

    I haven’t listened to a word Sydney said, I just got lost in her eyes.

  26. Hooplakid36 YeetYeet says

    is anyone else getting a problem when playing cold war ur series x crashes randomly

  27. TooTyrnt says

    The PlayStation plus collection games are already better than any game on game pass smh

  28. scrippler says

    Remember when we would by a new system like snes, Genesis, Xbox ps1 etc and they worked right out the box?

  29. PunkRockZombie205 says

    I don't understand why these gaming sites stay on Microsofts jock. PSnow is way better than gamepass already. Sure you don't get games right at launch, but Xbox has very few exclusives anyway. It's almost a non issue. 800 ps games vs 100 Xbox games for a cheaper price seems like a no brainer

  30. Brian G says

    if it works for PC, im all in.

  31. yah boi chris says

    I don’t think there going to do much outside of maybe expanding the plus collection

  32. javy sto says

    Sydnee looks great with the yellow sweater i bought her.

  33. Sebastian Mendoza says

    Sustainable or highly profitable you wealthy pig

  34. Husain Kanchwala says

    Love you Syd!

  35. Leather Hitman says

    Here's the thing, they said "It wouldn't be viable to deliver our studio titles to a service" that's fine and all. Just slap most 3rd party leads and your greatest hits collecton. After a year THEN drop your newer titles, only fair. Sony brings a cinematic experience, while that's absolutely true, I find it doesn't warrant the now $70 price range for something players will beat and complete an X amount of times. Hence something viable, like multiplayer.

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