Japan's Exclusive Mario Party Arcade Games – Region Locked Ft. Slope's Game Room


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In this video, we take a look at the Japan’s exclusive Mario Party games from the likes of Nintendo, Hudson Soft, and Capcom.

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  1. Slope's Game Room says

    Loved working on this with you guys 🙂 it's so important to preserve this kind of niche gaming history. Here is a sort of relevant video based on SEGA's forgotten Rollercoaster https://youtu.be/Xj74XhSmxa0 hope y'all like xxx

  2. Meester Tweester says

    I saw these on MarioWIki, these Japan-only arcade games are probably some of the most obscure Mario games from us here in the West, some only have a single video online of gameplay

  3. הוויאר זמורה says

    Mahhhrio bruvaz

  4. meowmasterL346 says

    Honestly screw gambling that's disguised to look fun for kids………..

    but lowkey gimme that Super Mario Advance 4 cabinet right NOW, love that game's aesthetics

  5. MC. Gemstone says

    I find it kinda interesting how coin pusher in certain places are illegal over there in the states. Meanwhile, in the UK every arcade place that you would commonly see at seaside places is mostly filled with nothing but coin pushers, there super popular over here everyone uses them and normally be filled with small prices like keychains or toys ect. So perhaps it could do better over here maybe?

  6. OMG KON! says

    I worked at one of the stores that tested Mario Party Challenge World. I have extra footage of it and know quite a bit more of stuff that happened behind the scenes during it's development. I don't know how much detail I can go into but some brief extra information that is fine to share…
    -The "roulette" style gameplay was indeed removed because it too closely resembled gambling. The ball & roulette wheel was actually taken out entirely although the ramp and other pieces of the chute were still in the machine during testing. When the ball and wheel were removed this made the gameplay change to essentially having a Mario character traverse a gameboard in an attempt to reach the end to face Bowser. If you defeated Bowser you got the jackpot. This second version of the game was when the gameplay was changed to a single button.
    -Capcom was the developer of the game. I believe Raw Thrills handled the cabinet and hardware inside the machine.
    -The game was tall and very large so a smaller version of the game was made featuring only three player stations. This made it no longer an "island" game and would allow for the game to be put up against a wall.
    -The game only had a small selection of minigames to play. I think between three to five?
    -The game was never officially released or finished. There was definitely less than 10 cabinets made. If I were to guess there was maybe 4 or 5 total for both version of the game.

    Honestly, if Capcom brought over a coin pusher Mario Party, that would have worked a lot better and less changes would have had to be made. Coin pushers are legal in most states and are a cash cow at most arcades.

  7. Oh Ok says

    Mary O'Bruvvas

  8. mattwo7 says

    0:44 TFW Mametchi is in Mario Kart but Agumon isn't in Smash. (Agumon came from an electronic toy like Mr. Game and Watch so he counts)

  9. Rig says

    The Mario & Sonic Olympic arcade machines are fun!

  10. John V says

    Will you do a Mario Party the Complete History video?

  11. The Challenge says


  12. DelanoSeven says

    I had no idea the Star Spirits from Paper Mario were in Mario Party 5 until today.

  13. Logan McLeod says

    Japan’s obsession with gambling completely ruined arcade games.

  14. Pie Pivot Monitor says

    The one that came out in 2013 doesn't have an image on the super Mario wiki, because the editors there are lazy. If someone could put an image of it on the wiki and then that game's page, that'd be very nice.

  15. Payne says


  16. VideoGameJNPoop says

    As well as PEGI’s gambling policy and Korea’s anti-gambling policy.

  17. David Maza says

    The mario car thingie is in my local mall, I live in Spain

  18. Deses says

    Huh. When I heard about Mario arcade games I didn't expect all of them to be gambling machines.

  19. David Royston says

    Nathaniel Bandy should check this out.

  20. Señor Refrescos says

    Spanish: Seria interesante ver a capcom haciendo un juego de consolas de mario party como tal haber como les va
    English: It would be interesting to see capcom doing a game of mario party consoles as such having as they do (Sorry by my english)

  21. Imperial Guard says


  22. Jacob Hill says

    Doki Doki Mario Chance is my favorite Independent horror game.

  23. Chief Executive Orbiter says

    Can't say america "missed" these games

  24. Prince Goat Cheese says

    Japan: Let's make an arcade game with as much interactivity as possible, and let them win prizes if they're lucky!

    North America: Slot machines for kids.

  25. LadyLiddell says

    *gives the West a watered down, simplified version of the game* Why doesn't the West like the game?

  26. TheCreepypro says

    man these all sound like so much fun a shame we never got them in the states but if I ever go to Japan I will happily track them down and have a go at them

  27. Roxy G says

    i know these things are basically gambling machines but as a huge mario party fan i wanna play these SO bad

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