Jermaine Pennant taunts goalkeeper after being denied by two AMAZING saves | Soccer AM Pro AM


Jermaine Pennant, Jay1 & Liam Fray take on the Soccer AM Pro AM in a bid to win money for the West Brom fans.


  1. Ollie Walton says

    Pennants got stoke in his heart he’d never give the brummies his 100%

  2. Hboz says

    Jay1 Jay1

  3. haris bajwa says

    JAY1s sick again futbl

  4. Make me smile=) says

    Does Fenners see these comments?

  5. kinggimped says

    Shut the fuck up Fenners for fuck's sake

  6. Diego Bido says

    1:00 that spin tho, pure class

  7. branstonpickle says

    0:56 That was the least convincing 'Born ready' I've ever heard.

  8. Static says

    Imagine supporting West Brom 😂😂😂😂

  9. Thomas Mason says

    Hardly amazing saves, all down the middle of the goal 😂

  10. Ianmundo says

    get Fenners binned.

  11. William Ellis says

    Swear they never let them get above £200 they just time waste

  12. MuhammadAli_GOAT says

    Bullard defintley swings both ways

  13. aikaeel taylor says

    people moaning that hes wasting time it for 500 pound tops lol its fuck all money its abit for fun

  14. potato skins says

    I hate fenners

  15. Zylo says

    Fenners mate pack it in ya nob

  16. Kathryn Bell says

    Makes a change having a decent keeper, instead of that pathetic fat dwarfy blimp they normally have. Shame Fenners is such an absolute bellend!

  17. I’m Hungry says

    Does fenners have a contract with stone island to only wear their jackets

  18. MOD Vlogs says

    Liam’s An Icon Courteeners ❤️

  19. Mel1 1 says

    A piss head get rid of him !

  20. A L A says

    has anyone ever not gambled

  21. Dj T.A.B. says

    Cool that the pro take the chellange serious..

  22. Vidbrah says

    Absolutely no standards whatsoever letting that pest wear that purple monstrosity.

  23. Luke Murray says

    Fair play to the lads finally a bit of knowledge on someone

  24. Hell Bro says

    What an annoying group of pricks.

  25. bonesjuones melo says

    Love this show. The big guy knows his stuff !

  26. Tyler Smith says

    The ball hasn’t gone past the penalty spot.Little Kid:YYYEEESSSSS

  27. uB says

    Love the way fenners bounced off the group hugEdit / timestamp 8:02

  28. Massive Legend says

    At least Pennant didnt cheat.

  29. Jay Cain says

    Well that scorers stat isn’t right

  30. Stutter • Allan Scott says

    2:58 hits ball on 3 mins 0 seconds.Back of the net 3 mins 0 seconds.

  31. Eoin says

    If they don't use the Middlesbrough player saying "Jimmmmay" after the Spurs fans were calling him a pedo I riot

  32. Z C says

    Can we all agree fenners is a toss pot

  33. Jimmy Benyoucef says

    5:42 We can see that

  34. Receding Hairline says

    Jay 1 banged it btw

  35. RobTortureWright says

    I heard he also taunts his wife when he cheats on her for the 900th time.

  36. L W says

    Jay1 so saucey

  37. meowmix says

    Lmao the keeper is on fire because you keep shooting thm straight at him you knob

  38. William Wallace says

    who else waiting on them to get questions wrong to see man like jay1 mr semi prooooo take them

  39. Callum_jl 8 says

    Fenners out

  40. Callum_jl 8 says

    JAY1 JAY1

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