1. M J says

    Free assembly unless your black …. Your cause will be demonized automatically

  2. Dimitri Keshishyan says

    Black children need fathers; fathers who go to work, make money, don’t do drugs, aren’t abusing alcohol, and aren’t in prison. Somebody has to break the chain. Once it’s broken, the future of these children will brighten. The reason they end up like their fathers is because they don’t have somebody to train and father these children. They get a bad influence from music and movies always expressing African Americans as violent or lowlifes, rappers talking about murder, drugs, and gangs. Why do you think the black individuals who are in the middle or even middle to low class, with their fathers around, going to a job, being raised properly without bad influence, end up becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, educated etc?

  3. Jai Sanders says

    Funny how he mentions LBJ war on poverty that was so greatly counteracted and undermined by the war on drugs not even 10 years later

  4. gotaigo says

    Rogen, you’re an idiot! How do explain many blacks in America who become successful?!? So, do blacks here grieve perpetually because they were forced here and continue to blame the white man?!! This is the greatest country ever and you have all the opportunity any country has to offer. People need to take responsibility for the choices you make. You sound like you’ve bought into the black narrative which is full of crap.

  5. Sledge says

    So, the passage that “All men are created equal” imparts the values of America… Doesn’t Ben realise that when that was being written, Blacks were enslaved. How can that be ‘true’.

  6. makinamusica says

    zionist shills!

  7. Jeremiah B says

    Black American had they only community, school's, bank's, store's, etc & what happened??? It was burned by who?? White's BUT it's proven THAT YOUR family worth is because of the black community$$.. If WE was to have segregation again WE as blacks would come out greater then what WE have going on taday in the ??.. I live kool BUT i know how my people live around the ?..

  8. side0fbacon says

    he only spews his father's narrative. one of my least liked voices on JRE.

  9. Aaron Harthun says

    Thinking my comment was original only to scroll down to see it already jajaja

  10. Aaron Harthun says

    I would love to hear a LP rap album with Master B rapping!!! Haha

  11. Mark Johnston says

    I actually think the weight argument was a better analogy than they gave it credit for. It is true that people who are overweight want to be thin, and it is true that becoming thin is not easy, and that complaining about how hard it is accomplishes nothing. At some point, you just have to lower your head and get to work, if it is going to happen. However, it is also true that some children had parents who fed them a bunch of sweets and fast food, and always let them eat as much as they wanted, and generally did not monitor their eating habits. And, those children are significantly more likely to be overweight as adults (and to be more overweight) than children who were fed responsibly by their parents. Thus, while children from both groups may grow up to be adults who are overweight, and who will need to expend substantial amounts of time and effort on losing that weight if they actually want to see results, it is also true that adults who grew out of the first group will likely need to expend more time and effort to become thin relative to their peers from the second group, due to the environment of their upbringing.I feel it is the same with finding success in general. I agree that for the overwhelming majority of people, if they want to become successful, it is absolutely essential that they make good decisions, and that they legitimately apply themselves and put the work in. However, can we also agree that some people will find it objectively harder to work their way into success, because of their upbringing and environment. The question is: how do we close that gap while still forcing everyone to earn their success? I think the answer to that is education. Massive investment in primary and secondary education, especially in impoverished communities. It will still take time, and it is important to understand that. No matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise, this is not a problem that any politician can fix in a year or two with one savvy piece of legislation. Investment in education is the way out, but it will require a sustained commitment, likely over the course of decades. And if you are the kind of person who has a problem with investment in education because you don't think it will benefit you, then you may want to consider seeking some education.

  12. Reginald Kasitigu says

    Rogan is a very educated man. I like how patient he is with this individual.

  13. Dion Roberts says

    The fact Shapiro cant see that some freedom of speech is a platform for hate speech n that white based societies are geared up to benefit white people means he is racist. Just because he talks fast n calls everything clearly wrong, doesnt mean hes right…hes just trying to defend his own racism. Anyone who refers to the amendments to justify shit behaviour is generally an arsehole…stick ur head back in the sand Shapiro, its all ur good at.

  14. MoonBaseMGTOW says

    Joe saying kids in impoverished communities don't have good real life influences is such a bad excuse when we have the internet around. People are printing out pictures of anime girls and taping them to their pillows. Where's the "real life" influence for that? lol. You can do anything with the internet.

  15. Whut Now! says

    Joe is thinking…is he half robot?????

  16. daytona750 says

    Flood the place with police ? that worked really well in Portland

  17. durrtydog86 says

    Take away mass incarceration, based on the fake war on drugs, and this whole conversation is way different. Take away the disparity in drug law enforcement and the entire country would be locked up. I wonder how many people get locked up on some b.s. charge the first time and then become hardened criminals.

  18. Vapor Beats says

    Ben was saying some valid stuff but then he just says "we need more police" like that's the solution we haven't been trying since Tough on Crime in the early 80's. He says this in empirically true, it is just factually not. Stop and frisk, the war on drugs, militarizing police, massively increasing police spending, putting hundreds of thousands more police on the streets, minimum sentencing, the death penalty, etc. are not effective at untangling the deep rooted issues in the black community. They might reduce crime but it's a band-aid that leaves 10s of 1000s of black men in prison. Police should exist but they should not be at the expense of properly funding public schools, developing career outreach programs, a multi-tiered system for welfare and food stamps, legalizing non harmful drugs like marijuana, desegregation programs for schools, more federal scholarship funds, non-bias loans to black-owned businesses, eliminating gerrymandering that disenfranchise voters, affordable corona virus testing, rehab centers, holding police accountable for brutality, etc etc the list goes on. It's a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach, just saying "more police" is just as reductive and overly-simplistic as saying "send every black person 80,000 for slave reparations", we've been trying it for decades to no avail.

  19. Esteban M says

    Ben Shapiro just keeps avoiding the question and saying irrelevant shit, how can anyone think this guy makes good points

  20. Ryan King says

    Incredibly smart and based intellectual ben shapiro on how we should solve crime: "People should stop commiting crimes."Fucking brilliant. We did it, we solved crime.

  21. Viktor says

    Shapiro is one of the dumbest people I have ever seen in politics.

  22. Brett Remington says

    Ben Shapiro seems like that guy who might have been bullied in high school. He talks like a pixie whose balls never dropped, and sure, he’s been successful, prostituting himself out to a nefarious cause. I’m not a social justice warrior, but I do not align with the alt-right either. Just a common power move from a wimp, he just tries to talk fast and over everyone. Doesn’t give them a chance to respond.

  23. Mary says

    Ben Shapiro has no idea what these kids are dealing with. In essence his argument is that large numbers of black youth go down the wrong path because they are weak. He's a self-righteous fool whose lack of life experience informs his painfully narrow view of problems.

  24. Outlaw49x says

    The closing arguments are completely right.

  25. AsH says

    Joe, asks a good questionBen, freaks out and tries to be smart by blabbing around and random fire facts from all over the place to show superiorityJoe, but that is not correct ??? and here is why ….

  26. james davis says

    Joe Rogan for PRESIDENT!???

  27. james davis says

    Big words dont mean anything Ben….

  28. james davis says

    Joe Rogan is smarter? FACT!

  29. MR J says

    I couldn't disagree with Shapiro more when he argues that the 1619 project is all wrong. The declaration of independence and civil rights/human rights are all simply empty words until they re put into full action.It is so clear that economies and legal systems that revolve around America's original wicked sin of slavery still leave their stain on the modern America of today and will continue on into the future.

  30. Sergio Bayate says

    Imagine working on your jump shot without a basketball Ben.

  31. Sergio Bayate says

    Joe if you’re going to have a discussion you should have a fast talking person with an alternative view as well. This man spins truths to push a false narrative while you lop softballs at him.

  32. Sergio Bayate says

    Lmao yes the nba is racist. It’s run by white people off the backs of blacks. Cmon Rogan. I thought you were better than this.

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