1. D Legionnaire says

    THE MERCENARY 2020 now on DVD and on amazon …………..

  2. Alberto Castillo says

    is poorly focused. Americans will think that the rest of the world is waiting for them in the world of soccer, and it is not true.We do not care if the USA loses against Trinidad and Tobago and does not qualify. We don't care that they are still in their own inbreeding bubble.What bothers is the lack of truth, falsifying data, despising what most of the planet likes. For openly despising soccer, they deserve to be banned in perpetuity from participating in any international soccer competition. And I say officially. No country can afford these snubs.May they continue to work in silence to make their handegg strong in the rest of the world. They are marketing champions. Let's leave them to their inbreeding.But outside of FIFA OFFICIALLY AND FOREVER. Both men and women. Enough of nonsense.

  3. Cesar Perez says

    The Italians call it calcio and nobody complains about that.

  4. gloat says

    nothing wrong with playing footsies, carry on. american football is game for men

  5. Shawn Kristoferu says

    Brilliant but at the same time so true.

  6. Hamster En ligne says

    American football is more sumo wrestling than it is football because only 2-3 players ever touch the ball on each team while the others have the purpose of being sumo style defenders. They use their 300-400 pound body weight to stop or defend the skinny guy with the purpose of making a touchdown. Heaven forbid the teams having to return back to the center of the field after every tackle. No no. They must get closer and closer and CLOSER to the touchdown area after every tackle where it's easy for someone to kick the ball through the loop.

  7. loszhor says

    So football = Hard are fat or Soccer = Long and drawn out.

  8. Yuriy Davygora says

    Soccer is acutally a British word. True story. It's short for "association football". If you don't believe me, look it up. And as for the American football, it derives from rugby, whose full name was "rugby football". So no, Mr. Cleese, with all due respect, you're wrong on this one.

  9. Jo Bckts says

    U can have soccer. 89 minutes into it, 0-0. Action?

  10. Koba says

    atleast call it american rugby

  11. JK says

    It's culture and nothing else. In America, if your son score a few goals at his soccer match.Wonderful… But ”dad” does NOT go to work bragging about his kid. Now… If the same fathers kid scores a few touchdowns…. ”Dad” is for sure telling everyon. Soccer is considered pussy an gay in USA.

  12. Arjun Subramanya says

    Fuck you England sucks dick, soccer is a stupid sport and should be banned

  13. Some dude on the internet says

    Sir it's called handegg you missed that one

  14. Michelle Schu-blacka says

    Technically Rugby came first, Association Football came afterwards and shortened to 'Soccer'.But as a comparison of american football Vs Rugby, Rugby is still better. It has better and tougher athletes, plenty of action and doesn't need women in skimpy outfits and a Team Furry, all on minimum wage, to entertain viewers. And unlike american football, Rugby is actually global and thus, is justified in using 'world' in the title of some competitions.The reality is that the people who run american sports don't care because they make enough money without to need to try and expand into countries that aren't interested.

  15. robert hingston says

    Effectively American football is American rugby

  16. Jack Burton says

    Football is the simplest of sports. A ball and people to kick it. Its great in its purity. But really not creative at all.How well does England play basketball or hockey. Oh yeah they are complete trash at them. Both of them are constant action and a full test of athleticism. Football players are like T-Rex, require no upoer body strength.But ya, the commercials ruin American Football. Cleese has that right on the nose.It is very fun to watch. IMO generally more interesting action than football.

  17. Naif Radi says

    The Americans keep saying that the word "Soccer" is an British word , Okay, but Surly your Egg hand isn't call FOOTBALL.

  18. Naif Radi says

    You hold an EGG shape in your hands but you keep call it FOOTBALL !!!!!

  19. PineappleLizard says

    Actually 3 people kick the ball. Kicker, punter, and Kickoff specialist. Also, we like out version of football, no need to rant about how dumb it is. We like soccer/football too, so don’t make fun of us ‘mericans. Just chill.

  20. Jim Gallagher says

    I've both played and watched Soccer and Football, and Football is both fun to play and watch, but soccer is only fun to play.

  21. Brendan Moriarty says

    I couldn't agree more John.

  22. George Schlaline says

    Repent John turn back to God

  23. TheLordAncient says

    American football is called football, because the ball used in the game is 1foot long.

  24. GTD says

    Lets call it American "Handeggthrowing" from now on

  25. Barbara Debel says

    El rugby falsificado versión yanqui sólo existe y se consume en EEUU es tan MIERDA esa copia barata del rugby que nunca ni siquiera logró salir de EEUU que triste que lamentable

  26. West BranchBall says


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