1. METATRON says

    Did you guys know that Busto guy is on Stranger Things? It's real, he changed his name to "John Vodka" and had a role in season 3 of Stranger Things. You can't make this shit up.

  2. tsartomato says

    Отличает мужика борода,
    Украшает мужика борода.
    Борода, борода.
    Украшает мужика борода

    haha a classic

  3. BlastWave says

    Anyone know what the background music is?

  4. Dan the homosapien says

    0:24 sans is ness

  5. Ze German Fox says

    What is the name of the music in this scene?

  6. Infradead says

    This is hands down my favourite Jontron moment. The speech from the Busto guy is incredible.

  7. Jesse Burke says

    That is Avi and nothing any of you can say will convince me otherwise…

  8. MagnumBill91 says

    "That makes perfect sense, I see now! I think it is hilarious!"

  9. lemmingscanfly5 says

    He says Macauly Caulkin, but that's clearly Christin Bale.

  10. Mörder says

    This here was a poke at Anita Sarkeesian and her supporters.

  11. AC/DC Freak says

    Can someone tell me what jon says at the end after this makes perfect sense i can see now?

  12. Quote says

    I laughed super hard at this part

  13. Officergio8 says

    Idk what the media had too do with this, but ok

  14. Your Mother says

    For those wondering who he is, the bust guy is Ilya Slovesnik, an actor, classically trained musician and singer-songwriter. From what I hear he's a pretty swood fellow.

  15. ThatOneGuy006 says

    anyone know who this is?

  16. AC/DC Freak says

    Wow is that a real delivery man? Jon probly just went into the bulding and said "hey you wanna be in this episode?" and hes like "I problee cun be in dis episodeh".

  17. Count Orlok says

    Mmmm…satire on leftist stupidity. <3

  18. Google+sucksballs says

    Bet that Busto's delivery man is a staff member for kotaku. hahaha

  19. BACHUR says


  20. Aldo Hernández says

    Please post the one with the dead of Grimbo, the word must see!

  21. Alphabrace95 says

    Controversy intensifies

  22. gb7zone7 says

    His delivery is something else, and I ain't talking about the Macaulay Culkin head.

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