Just say “Hey Google” to complete more tasks within Android apps


Google Assistant on Android keeps getting smarter and smarter. Use your voice to get right to where you need to be in the apps you use most. Google Assistant Product Manager Adam Coimbra and Under Armour Product Manager Poojit Sharma share how it works across apps like MyFitnessPal. Available now on Pixel 4 and rolling out to additional Android phones soon.

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  1. Omar Atwan says

    Apple better

  2. It's Me Russel says

    Recently i getting into more productive wherever i open a google apps or even daily assistant task such notes, translate paragraph into english in chrome, getting updates in traffic, listening to podcast, news every morning, reading unread emails or txt messages, track my calories or steps everyday and its fun really! sometimes suggesting you know an idea more easiest way and i love it!👍👍

  3. RaZer FF NGU says

    Tengo, un pequeño problema en google action puse y confirme todos los datos pero a la ahora del pago no sabia que se ponia 100 dolares y puse mucho, mas 3000 dolares y llevo 580 dolares. Y el pago no lo puedo sacar si alguien,sabe del tema que me escriba al privado Axel GamerYT tengo 10,500 mil subs les agrazedco saludos y vendiciones…..

  4. Max says

    IOS vs Android 🤔 – https://youtu.be/z1APG3HjO4Q

  5. Shovan Saha says

    Great work!

  6. Eimy Dosa says

    It would be nice, if "Ok Google" command would work not only with Beta version of the Google app, and also on my Wear OS Fossil Gen5 again…Because till now, it's not working, and without this, it's a quite bit useless… Any fix in the near future?

  7. Edu Pintilie says

    Hi bixby

  8. Knine Br says

    hey google > Notifique-me vídeos 😉

  9. Im just waiting for a triggered and mad apple fanboy to write something like "oooo android sucks"

  10. 張傑 says

    Google Assistant is so much better than Siri.

  11. juarash says

    Buch of thieves

  12. Runsheng He says

    This is so useful and great. Love it.

  13. BLITZKRIEG says

    why no sushi integration??

  14. Gig Pros says


  15. Jolan Rensen says

    Wasn't this already announced at I/O 2018!? Jeez guys, please just announce stuff when it's ready unless you can get thousands of devs on board with it already.

  16. Kunal Goswami says

    I Love Google And Android ❤️

  17. Rohan malik says

    Why the hell Linux kernel versions are not up-to-date in Android? 🤨

  18. Customisation Overloaded says

    How to get pixel like animation in any Android like pixel Google assistant

  19. Donald Frank says

    Google assistant bubble is not running Color os 5 oppo

  20. Google user says

    Will it work with Samsung health
    Edit: Samsung health works with it

  21. flying android says

    Android even better with theses!

  22. Shouko Komi says

    I try to say '' Check news on Twitter ''
    I got respond Google say '' Sorry I don't understand ''
    Nice one on deep integration lol

  23. Bhajan Shradha says

    Very good 💕🌹🌹🌹👍

  24. Jithin Jose says

    Hope many apps does this and reaches soon.

  25. Gab RB says

    Lol there are 7 comments now

  26. Orlando Natapradja says

    my google assistant got the latest update with that pixel's responding animations but suddenly got back to previous update with old UI. it's weird

  27. Maik xD says

    I love android❤

  28. Joel Song says

    my google home mini awaked

  29. Ananthakrishnan S Nath says


  30. Romil Patel says


  31. Ravindu Madushan says

    Thank you, Android, for making our life easier than ever!

  32. Ravindu Madushan says

    I am Soooo Early!

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