K/DA ALL OUT vs K/DA POP/STARS Music, Abilities in Game – League of Legends


K/DA ALL OUT vs K/DA POP/STARS Music, Abilities in Game – League of Legends
K/DA All OUT Ahri, Evelynn, Akali, Kai’Sa, Seraphine
K/DA POP/STARS Ahri, Evelynn, Akali, Kai’Sa
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  1. Tasha Florence says

    in the entire time that i used kda akali, i did not realise her smoke screen had a music effect.

  2. xyucekralgaren 99 says

    Popstar>allout btw

  3. technicalleon says

    I'm still looking forward to the new K/DA skins but somehow I feel like the old ones are still better in some way.
    As for Seraphine, I'm pretty neutral with her. As good of a marketing trick it was to put K/DA Seraphine in social media, Riot made the mistake of introducing us to her K/DA persona before her actual in-game persona, making it feel like they made the champion mainly to sell the skin.
    Personally, I think her part in the main lore is plausible considering Piltover's the home of Hextech but I understand why some people feel like she doesn't belong in Runeterra.

  4. Aarush Kumar says

    The Seraphine platform needs to go.

  5. imortalone says

    * * * * * – thats 5 stars not something censored. 🙂

  6. Óscar Ponce says

    I preffer all the og kda skins, but i have to say that they did a rlly good work in the new kda skins sounds, i mean i preffer the aesthetic, colors and music in og kda, but the sounds in game of the new kda are better

  7. hofaho says

    1:07 yuri rule 34

  8. Pykuo says

    All out better

  9. SMILE says

    So basically less quality, but more nude?

  10. Léo Menezes says


  11. Zoi' X says

    Kda all out's dance is better
    Classic kda's song

  12. Hikaruぉ says

    1:31 me and my brother after watching naruto

  13. Britaa Abderrhman says

    There will be 3 K/DA songs since Seraphine have 3skins

  14. Atakan Ucal says

    idk why but i hate seraphine

  15. Angeena says

    Well I am definitely buying new KDA Kai'Sa skin when it will come out.

  16. 이아인 says

    For me kda seraphine is they just made for money, while the old kda skin made with love

  17. gamerfreak1995 says

    Imagen if riot gave half a shit about the game as much as they do about kda … Then thier dumbsterfire of a game would be playable…

  18. Ammon Nepia says

    My favourite is definitely Akali's Smoke Bomb. It sounds like you're in a performance. I guess that's the same for Evelynn's but I prefer Akali

  19. Joe KenWood says

    The seraphine platform look even worse while dancing like can she get of from stage to dance

  20. Mrboy21ful says

    I could’ve sworn Seraphine does the pop stars dance also.

  21. Strahl Kennedy says

    Where am i

  22. good guy garchomp says

    Maybe Seraphine should at least step off the platform when dancing. She ruins the formation.

  23. LCDC Azuralie says

    I would want that KDA ALL OUT Kai'sa has a song too after she ults, like KDA ALL OUT Ahri

  24. Alejandro Rodrigo Borelli says

    Min 1:06 tu sabes que pasa aquí si eres una persona de cultura

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