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Special thank you to Dan Gray, who took us on this Korean street food tour. You can follow him at and #KoreanFood #KoreanStreetFood #Netflix

STREET FOOD NETFLIX – Seoul, South Korea

I did enjoy watching the Street Food Netflix show, especially the amazing cinematography and the amazing stories of the people behind the food. However, there wasn’t much emphasis, if any, on the eating part of the street food. So I happen to be in Seoul for a few days, and I happen to know Dan Gray ( who helped arrange the Seoul Street Food Netflix episode, and so he took us on the same tour, except this time, focused on eating everything.

Here are the places covered in the Street Food Netflix, Korean street food in Seoul episode:

Gwangjang Market – Most of the entire episode was filmed at the famous Gwangjang Market, a market I’ve been to many times, and is a must visit for Korean food lovers in Seoul.

Yoonsun Cho – Gohyang Kalguksu Stall – Most of the Netflix Seoul episode was based around Yoonsun Cho and her incredible kalguksu, hand made knife cut noodles. They were very home-style tasting, very comforting and delicious. She also serves a number of other dishes including nangmyeon, and seaweed noodles, all of which were very good. Her sauce is also amazing, and her kimchi. Price – 5,000 KRW ($4.21) per bowl

Honglim Banchan Stall – Probably the most delicious food on this entire Korean street food tour Netflix episode was the soy marinated crab from Honglim Banchan Stall. The crab was melt in your mouth and the marinade was perfect. Even better is when she scooped out some roe and mixed it with rice in the shell.

Bindae-tteok stall – There’s an entire section of Korean street food dedicated to bindae-tteok at Gwangjang Market. Along with these crispy mung bean pancakes, we also ordered Yukhoe, Korean raw beef with egg and pear. Price – 30,000 KRW ($25.27) total

Dongdaemun Food Street – Finally, the last thing in the Street Food Netflix episode of Seoul was the Baffle, a unique creation of rice made into a waffle, filled and topped with all sorts of interesting things. Price – 4,000 KRW ($3.37)

It was a fun Korean street food tour, and we all had a great time eating and meeting the friendly vendors from the show.

My friends in the video:
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  3. mk ng says

    Big thank you Mark! You make us want to go there. Too bad, we have to wait for the COVID-19 to go away before we can do. Keep it rolling please.

  4. Lorna Castor says

    As if I’m with you on your trip to South Korea. All the food was wonderfully made. Tnx, Mark!

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  6. F.L Diesel says

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    Thanks for sharing your experience!! I enjoyed being a viewer and time in Korea with you a lot. I want to go there and visit someday!!! Oh, that food looks good!!! Sincerely!!!

  12. John Kester says

    I wish they had restaurants like that here in the states, but Dept. of health would probably shut them down!

  13. Nijo Kongapally says

    Korean food amazing😋👍💯💖😍

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    once again meet Jeffery and Mark.good video. and food nice.👍

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    thank you for sharing to introduce korean food. everyfood you ate are delicious.

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