Lachlan – Summer (Official Fortnite Music Video) Ft. Marshmello


Lachlan – Summer (Fortnite Music Video)

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Congrats to Lachy for getting his own skin, really well deserved! Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed. Leave a like and subscribe, I’m trying to hit 1,000,000 one day 💙

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  1. xDogged says

    Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed!

  2. David Foster says


  3. Supreme Papi says

    I feel bad for his elf skin he had all the time on but now noo

  4. Joy Joy says

    Awsome video!


    For winter break you should do HOLIDAY by lil nas x or just a video with the song

  6. Ezaidari Cruz says

    we love xDogged And Every other youtubers

  7. palito de pescado says


  8. Eric Pekin says

    damn lol

  9. Dominic Baird says


  10. RedPanda63 YouTube says

    I think this is one of my favorite videos from you and congratulations lachy. I guarantee you will get in FaZe!

  11. aqua on controller says

    Do holiday lil nas x

  12. The peepee Poopoo man says

    Hey why the hell do you gotta make stuff that we all know isn’t real or official

  13. SanTriX says

    We are waiting for the grefg skin

  14. Pro Gaming says

    It’s litttt

  15. Billie Lewis says

    Do holiday by lil nas

  16. Josh n Lala animationz says

    I'm died lannan and Eliot were stopped lol, thumbs up from me, I like this alot

  17. Wayh4K says

    I love this!!!❤️❤️

  18. PX_clope says

    This gives me o g vibes

  19. Sebastian PJ says

    Where is fresh >:(

  20. Victini Captain says

    So nice

  21. Daksh Sandeep�Phutane says

    I loved how he just backflipped and shooed away code name elf and drift

  22. S A says

    Good job at the vid

  23. cLiZ Cloutz says

    were is fresh???

  24. cLiZ Cloutz says


  25. LazerDrooper Gamez says

    This is rly good

  26. Yxng Kaz says

    Best rapper in colorado only fifteen

  27. ahmedヅ says

    xdogged+ Lachy= SO MUCH POGGIES MOMENTS

  28. Tropical Dragon says

    dude… that song is from marshmello not lachlan……

  29. Chewy The dog says

    This is why everyone needs to subscribe!

  30. Miguel D says

    Salvation is a free gift. When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption.Jesus died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.

  31. Kayceemikel says

    Xdodged I've got to admit you some amazing fortnite music editing abilities 💯💯💯

  32. More Goodboi10 says

    This is so bad marshmallow was not in it liar

  33. Branislav Gazdarica says

    very good music🙄

  34. Snita Dsilva says

    Where is Fresh

  35. Sarah says

    This is so sick

  36. Nile Hosni says

    Dude this is freaking amazing

  37. Atom Playz says

    Love the LACHY boy skin

  38. ceomoran says

    Lachy: POGGERS!!!!

  39. Raptor _9000 says

    Can you do ceeday

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