Leeds United FM20 | Part 40 | A NIGHT IN MOSCOW | Football Manager 2020


Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2020 video the Leeds United FM20 save continues as we have a night in moscow for the Champions League.

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  1. Charles Tan says

    Good to get through to the knockouts in Europe. Hard run in the league though.

    Hope you are doing good. Keep safe!

  2. ranjit Bhatta says

    Love from india tom

  3. James Matuku Mwoka says

    hope your okay tom and loving the content

  4. IronmanGaming says

    Oef, a little bit to much draws

  5. Kale Project says

    Tom: I don't understand why Tottenham are never in the top four.
    Everyone: See Paddy McNair starting in midfield

  6. Alex Alejandro says

    What are your pc specs?

  7. Anthony Ward says

    Love my number never change it lol

  8. D Sk says

    Tottenham have paddy mcnair

  9. LarsiFreak says

    COVID save? 2 week save where you will livestream? Would be fun to watch

  10. Matt Bright says

    Just buy a Lincoln youth player for alot of money than throw the match

  11. EpicJoshuaJames says

    Hope you’re okay with covid , Great vids as always 👍

  12. Kiba Kurosaki says


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