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This article is about the 2002 video game. For the 1982 film to which it is a sequel, see The Thing (1982 film).

The Thing

Developer(s) Computer Artworks
Publisher(s) Black Label Games
Director(s) William Latham
Producer(s) Chris Hadley
Designer(s) Andrew Curtis
Programmer(s) Diarmid Campbell
Artist(s) Joel Smith
Composer(s) Keith Tinman
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Release Windows
NA: August 20, 2002[2]
EU: September 20, 2002[1]

NA: September 3, 2002[3]
EU: September 20, 2002[1]

PlayStation 2
NA: September 10, 2002[4]
EU: September 20, 2002[1]

Genre(s) Third-person shooter, survival horror
Mode(s) Single-player

The Thing is a 2002 third-person shooter survival horror video game developed by Computer Artworks, published by Black Label Games, a publishing wing of Vivendi Universal Games,[5] and distributed by Konami for Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2. Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions were also planned, but both were cancelled early in development.

Set as a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 film of the same name, the story focuses on Captain Blake, a member of a U.S. Special Forces team sent to the Antarctic outpost featured in the film to determine what has happened to the research team. The game was endorsed by John Carpenter, who voices a character in an uncredited cameo.

The Thing was a commercial success; selling over one million units worldwide across all platforms, and received generally positive reviews. A sequel was in the early stages of development, but was cancelled when Computer Artworks went into receivership in 2003.

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