1. Mohamad says

    So you will cut all this trees and greens to build buildings? More destruction to the nature

  2. Wow Now says

    How can I get citizenship?

  3. thisitha jayashan says

    Hi im from srilanka.i like liberland.i won't living there

  4. raphael rahal says

    I suggest the president think about setting up a hospital and looking for someone who has studied medicine or a strong doctor
    The Minister of the Interior is a policeman (at an acceptable rank in the police).
    He is appointed by the Minister of the Interior, but only on condition that he is modest and finds a plan to build the police structure if it is appropriate. He appointed him and appointed a farmer after testing and accepting the Minister of Agriculture.
    And the director of a school or professor at the university and the Minister of Education
    They are headed by the Prime Minister
    This is my initial plan for exile power

  5. drawingfoil says

    Discord link not working

  6. Truman says

    What is the official language of Liberland?

  7. Mr says

    Yes. Freedom.

  8. Niv says

    I wish u could show us how people live there right now. In theory it sounds great but living conditions, infrastructures, medicine, schools…are all essential for the day to day lives so how does all this work? Im not commenting hoping to expose negativity but to consider applying for citizenship im gonna need more information then what u give us.

  9. Andrej Bogović says

    who else thought obama was on tumbnail

  10. دره -_* says

    هل هذا حقيقي
    This raley

  11. Matthew Billings says

    if you let me join this country I would defend it until my last dying breath

  12. استغفر الله العظيم واتوب إليه says

    Iy from. Algeria.
    Ailov. Liberland

  13. Abshir mohamud sabriye says

    I am mahrez zeprie oslo I want to came in republic of liberland

  14. Marvirino Avakin says

    I'm girl Arab but I'm just 17 year old I want to go in the new country how?

  15. Muhammad Arshad says

    Congratulations to Liberland.

  16. مطهر المقرعي says


  17. مطهر المقرعي says

    ماجمال. هذي.الارض.نحبها

  18. Ch iqbal Gujjar says

    Very nice country lovely

  19. Dominik Skullináć says

    Jihovýchodní smlouva vás zničí 🖕bojte se

  20. الشاعر رسول الحجامي. Raasol ALhijame says

    كيف يمكنني الحصول على الجنسيه في جمهورية ليبرلاند

  21. الشاعر رسول الحجامي. Raasol ALhijame says

    ارغب بالاقامه في جمهورية ليبرلاند

  22. Ismail Yare Kulan says

    My second country

  23. Cristopher Chacon says

    Could you activate the option to add subtitles?

  24. Cristopher Chacon says

    Some of the links got chopped.

  25. francesco benuzzi says

    5 years passed and I don t see any type of construction…

  26. Raffa Imran says

    Hi sir i want a apply the citizenship

  27. Justin Bunting says

    What kind of country is this!
    I'm the president of People's Republic of Traiguen and been trying to get ahold of the President of liberland and he never replies me back!!!!!!

  28. Mera Naseeb says

    Is there airports ?

  29. ImpaledBerrys says

    Please be the greenest country! Wind energy, steam energy from the earth! 🙂 best wishes!

  30. steveoo5 says

    Can we go there yet?

  31. Astronautic Mapper says

    I have a question for you Liberland, why did you choose Cryptomoney as Currency ?

  32. The Republic Of Ernland says

    we would like to be allies to destroy the
    @People's Republic of North Divine

  33. Libertarian Rebellion says

    subscribe to my channel for regular videos about Liberland!

  34. jorge catolico says

    Hey, I have read your constitution but in some part of your constitution,.. and it says that you can lose your physical freedom if you have a contagious disease,… could that provision be used yo force vaccination???? say, with the idea of saying that a non lethal contagious disease make you liable of prison??? am totally against vaccination

  35. CPT. Cigar says

    im actually considering citizenship to liberland, australias government is getting more and more fucked

  36. Noah and Levi Dubre says

    You should make a national anthem

  37. Emersonac says

    I just found out about Liberland and the plans for the future. I really like it, do you want to be allies with New Emersonac City?

  38. Londinium Armoury says

    Give me and my family citizenship and I will be a carpenter and blacksmith and builder, I can build a village by myself in 1 year, gimmie passport.

  39. Music MØŰ-2003 says

    I love

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