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💻 ★PC specs below ★ 💻

Intel i9 10900
Asrock Z490 Taichi
Zotac RTX 2080Ti Arcticstorm
T-Force RGB Memory 64GB (4x16GB) 3600MHz
WD Black 1TB NVMe
WD Black 1TB HDD
Benq XL2546 Zowie 240 Hz Gaming Monitor
Thermaltake ToughPower iRGB850w
Bykski CPU Fire On I CPU Block
Bykski White fittings
Bykski 480mm Radiator x 2
Thermaltake Pacific R22 x 2
Thermaltake Pacific P1 Black D5 Pump w/ Silent Kit x 2
Thermaltake Pacific M-Pro G1/4 PETG 16mm Fitting – Black
Thermaltake Quad Riing FAN Kits
TweakedPC Cable sleeve

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  1. Status king says

    💞कॉमेंट करने और पढ़ने वाले परिवार वालों की लम्बी उम्र की कामना करता हूँ❤️ तहे दिल ❤️से जय माता रानी lll

  2. Status king says

    💞कॉमेंट करने और पढ़ने वाले परिवार वालों की लम्बी उम्र की कामना करता हूँ❤️ तहे दिल ❤️से जय माता रानी ll

  3. Rudraprasad Shahane says

    Captain shiva nayak opieeeee

  4. H A R S H says

    100th comment😂😂

  5. david Gaikwad says

    Tq aadi np any time watching…

  6. david Gaikwad says

    Op 👌 aadi bhai nice gameplay

  7. it'zlucifer gaming says

    DYNO IS LOVE😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀☺☺☺☺☺

  8. Arish Ahad says


  9. SwaggY YT says

    Zeher bhaiiii❤️❤️❤️

  10. Arnab Barman says

    Vi konsi gaana hain

  11. Krishna Tripathi {8972}G2 ARTS says

    Haule op🤣🤣

  12. omair Khan says


  13. omair Khan says

    police love

  14. sukhjinder singh says

    Bhai puri pd mai apke jaise koi naii

  15. Utkarsh Jaiswal says


  16. LuciferOp Gaming says

    Dynamo ki telegram id :- @Dynamoishere

  17. Darji Navin says


  18. WARRIOR GAMER says

    Bhai mein apka die heart fan hoon pase nahi han toh isiliye baat nahi Kar pata superchat nahi de pata 😭😭😭😭😭🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕 bhai mukjse bad ek baar baat kar lin yarr

  19. Nikhil Bansode says


  20. Gaming Time h says

    Sir plzz shot out dedo stream me I am 13 year old child

  21. QAT〆Ñ4乛 OP says


  22. RG gaming says

    Nice broo

  23. VEshu Rajput says

    Paat se chalan kaat te hai ShivaNayak Bhai ❤️

  24. Shailesh Thakor says

    Superb RP

  25. Priyanka Sharma says


  26. VEshu Rajput says

    Bahut maza aata hai dynamo bhai aap ki stream dekh ke ❤️

  27. VEshu Rajput says

    ShivaNayak ❤️ Op

  28. Piyush goyal says

    Bro Call of Duty Cold war Campaign mode khelo please

  29. shubham yadav says

    kal milega apne bhai ko promotion 😀😀😀

  30. Abdulla Khan says

    Dynamo bhai mera bhai season 2 se khel Raha hai

  31. Kiran Magar says

    Op 💕

  32. TR Nahin says

    Plz continue gta 5 gameplay dont stop we love you dynamo bhi.😍🥰😍

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