1. Mack Truth says


  2. Devonta JeanBatiste says

    When this song gonna be on music Apple?…..

  3. Mariah Minton says

    let's see how many people is lilbaby biggest fan put a red heart ❤️for biggest fan and a black heart 🖤 or like 👇 if you like the beat

  4. STB Cari says

    the loop was clean 😂💯

  5. PEAK NO SLEEP Corporate says

    I wish I could sign to him dude really a inspiration

  6. Trill boy Brandon says

    the best 🐐🤧💪

  7. Brittany Hooker says

    It go hard lil baby

  8. Ruth Green says

    They took the regular vid off

  9. Mariah Minton says

    im a human im not perfect i know sometimes i be wrong

  10. Shantz Benjiii Frank Lucas says

    Baby Is King 👑

  11. Yousef Alnams says

    Here before it blows up

  12. Lafray Shelton says

    Here before a million views

  13. Anonymous Goat says

    delete this before i strike it/copyrights it

  14. WHOA Homie!!! says

    They must’ve snatched the first vid, good shit 💪🏿

  15. Mariah Minton says

    you gon come get ricch with us you gon eat or you gon starve

  16. Tre_ Day06 says

    He says the same lyrics the whole song but it’s still Fuckin 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Brian Miley says

    Horrible content u deserve to be reported

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