1. Amlan JR says

    And people still compare him with ronaldo

  2. prince khan says

    one video like this on Toni Kroos plz plz plz plz

  3. plip pum says

    Name music?

  4. omar adle family good says

    لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له

  5. Marcos Vinicius dos Santos Borges Borges says

    Esse cara e um monstro

  6. 아이유 says

    Messi is God!

  7. Anis El'h says

    Football God

  8. Wieslaw Sobocinski says

    Leo Messi the King

  9. Macivaldo Lima says

    Melhor de todos os tempos 🏆

  10. Firmank Sports says

    Im Ask red ball please my channel

  11. Firmank Sports says

    Ask red ball please my channel

  12. most satisfying foods says

    Didn't want this video to finish 🐐


    Ya messi is a god&CR7 IS A GOD SLAYER

  14. Wieslaw Sobocinski says

    Lionel Messi is the best

  15. Raju Tudu says

    There is no point thatI have to compare CR7 and LM10As long as I can watch both of them play🙂🙂😁

  16. uvvi. says

    lewy najlepszy kto za ?

  17. Max Rodriguez says

    Messi, too good to watch that I can't bring myself to be a diehard fan of his because he would spoil every other player because I'd attempt to compare them to him, but you can't compare anyone to him, he might be in a set position but for me it's like he plays his own game apart from the other 21 players out on the pitch. Ronaldo has been and will be my favorite player ever for his mentality and work ethic, but Messi is Messi and his numbers speak for themselves. The video shows his best points but if it showed his good points of his career the video would last longer than Buffons career. Messi and Ronaldo in the same era is something special that will never happen again, enjoy them, don't compare them.

  18. 처리 says

    미친골들을 만들어내고 많은골들을 넣었던 펩시절도 좋아하지만갠적으로 스피드와 볼터치는 조금 죽었지만 잠시후의 미래를 보는듯한 움직임과 간단하게 상대를 벗겨내던 1415 시즌 메시를 가장좋아함

  19. Brayan Ramirez says

    First song name?

  20. Wilde Perez says

    Ohhhhh el mejor del Mundo que buen video

  21. Jeff skill says

    Very good !! The best player !!!

  22. Dennis Santa Cruz Anzules says

    Vamos por la copa con ayuda de Dios y el mejor del mundo Messi. ⚽️😊👍

  23. Sahil Vyas says

    Which is the first track used ?

  24. Hazm & H says

    Who love Ronaldo 💋❤

  25. Julian Calderón says

    The best only in barcelona.

  26. 축구보이 says

    브금 알수있을까요?

  27. Ismail Imossaten says

    لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له ، معبود العالمين

  28. CASINO says


  29. Ralph Afari 17 says

    Who is ronaldo 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Effzehh für immer says

    Der Fußballgott!❤️⚽️

  31. Kacper Sokołowski says

    The best player on the world👍- Messi

  32. Marc Helmberger says

    In the past couple of years I've realized that there's more and more Ronaldo fans that acknowledge Messis superiority, and I think that's a great development. It's not about being a barca fan or an Argentinian, I hate the Club Barcelona, but if you love this sport you'll have to agree that Leo is the most extraordinary player that ever put his foot on a pitch

  33. ZJS Football says

    https://youtu.be/V0lzIKUdT7A for messi fanss

  34. HelloThere !?!! says

    This is the Main difference between Ronaldo and Messi fans, some of the biggest Ronaldo fan channels respects Messi and shows him support while the big Messi channels as MagicMessi or whatever his name is disrespects Ronaldo all the FRICKING TIME!! Not only that but even in the comments on this video you have a load of Messi fans disrespecting Ronaldo even if this video were made of their idol by a Ronaldo fan in show of great respect (Some of them even say that Ronaldo wasn’t even the best nb7 in Reals history) That is why I always have known that Ronaldo fans actually know what they are talking about when they debate Messi fans while Messi fans only want to disrespect Ronaldo aka the goat 🐐

  35. Rizal Anshori says

    Tdak ada keraguan LM10 adalah pemain terbaik. Skill dribling yang gila.Tapi, saya lebih realistik untuk menyukai CR7, karena dia mengajarkan dengan bakat yang tdak sebesar LM10 tapi bisa mencapai level Sepakola yang tinggi. Karena CR7 mengajarkan kerja keras, mental baja dan konsistensi latihan yang gila.

  36. えぐティーナ says


  37. 김민성 says

    누우면서 골 넣는 미친새키 보러 온 사람 좋아요 누르자

  38. Nimish Gupta says

    A much needed vid before he plays against bayern

  39. Patriota Nacionalista says

    So joga no BarcelonaNem copa América consegue na Argentina

  40. N7CR HD says

    Messi is a genius

  41. 짝귀 says


  42. Nathanael Warren says

    its not the statistics,thats why messi in fifa sucks

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