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  1. RandomlyMansa says


  2. Newton Owaga says

    Lionel Messi is the GOAT!!!! nobody could ever get close to him…

  3. Naahee Mohamed says

    Messi is better. Its obvious if you watch both of them.

  4. tashi tsangpa says

    Bro… That is wat reaction I was expecting from u. … Ma best player is neymar… But really… Messi is the 🐐 goat

  5. Jahir Lopez says

    Fun fact ronaldinho told kobe messi will be the goat and it happened

  6. Hustler B PYN says

    Messi is like he's born with it "talent"
    Ronald Is more on work "practice /train" and all

  7. Jurgil Ernst says

    My guy your late late late late!!!

  8. Kasհ says

    Of course you can make a similar short movie for Ronaldo where he is the one looking like a King.

  9. Nota Troll says

    Thomas Muller is actually the GOAT. But he is not a flashy player so he does not get the recognition. He is the most intelligent player to ever play the game and it isn't even close.

  10. Nkululeko Gumede says

    CR7 and Messi plays different game , but me ama go with CR7 his good in everything broh

  11. Asafe Gabriel says

    damn u have so much shit to watch

  12. Lionel Gatline says

    Messi's gotta win worldcup 2022

  13. henry mburia says

    HE only had Buffon to beat and he did😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🤣🤣🤣🤣that makes all top goalkeepers beaten by MESSSIIII!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. henry mburia says


  15. M.BiBOY The king official says

    Messi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Johnathan Zuniga says

    U know messi is the best when the whole nation of Argentina burns u to the ground if u don't win anything for them. If messi was to win the world cup argentine would be at his toes for the rest of his life

  17. A Rana Production Ldh says

    Yeah!! Leo Messi is The Greatest… "People Say he is Greatest, but Statistically Messi is Greatest"..

  18. Ayush BK says

    Ronaldo performs in every big games but messi he some times disappear and this is not the hate love one both respect both

  19. daniel park says

    when you said i wonder ho wmany messi has compared to ronaldo. Messi has 6 of those while Ronaldo has 5

  20. Bokang Palo says

    They the two best players in the world but Messi is from another planet. Ronaldihno was good but Messi man that's just different animal and CR7 too but Messi G

  21. manish says

    that gotze goal left millions of ppl crying…and that higuain miss and the neuer foul which was not given…Clearly messi deserved to win world cup

  22. Siyabonga Makhaye says

    Please checkout Luis Suarez goals

  23. Siyabonga Makhaye says

    Before Leo Messi and Ronaldo we had Ronaldinho.

    Ronaldinho remains the best bolster we’ve seen to date followed by Messi

  24. Ryan Haitham says

    i laughed when he says is he better than ronaldo and neymar … i dont blame him je doesnt know football

  25. Alen Biju says

    Your reaction and The GOAT movie gave chills like nothing else !

  26. Dan says

    Messi is fifa stats over the yrs are underrated.
    Fifa is all about pace and power and u win

  27. Michael Delgado says

    I like both players but I’m a fan of Ronaldo bc of his style of play. He can dribble but not as good as Messi. But I feel like Ronaldo is more accomplished especially bc he played in Spain, England, and Italy

  28. KingFrostX says

    Ronaldo was cheated in 2017,he should have won a 6th before Messi, everyone credible sports fan knows Ronaldo was robbed.

  29. KingFrostX says

    Messi is a pure dribbling machine, Ronaldo is a trickster kind of dribbler and being shooter helps Messi dribble alot since his center of gravity is pretty low at 5'7.

  30. Michael Fungazan says

    Messi is the greatest player in existence

  31. Max says

    neymar messi and suarez was the best trio change my mind

  32. Jayesh Shekar says

    Both are GOATS
    Respect them ❣️

  33. Shaka Sotho says

    Messi cant play at the same level in any other team. Only Cr7 can play for any team in the world and still be at the level he is at.

  34. Don mohcine says

    you should react on the one and the only GOAT Maradona

  35. SouthEast Cruz says

    Messi will probably pass the torch on to Fati

  36. king Nairobi says

    React to messi tribute

  37. TheJuanAndOnly says

    Dope vid, subbed

  38. George says

    Ronaldo is the real GOAT 🐐

  39. Daniel Tyrell says

    Messi is the G.O.A.T

  40. Jose Herrera says

    He’s the best to play the game. Not the GOAT. Weak Mentality.

  41. Diego Cdo says

    Messi is considered the best footballer in the world and one of the best if not the best in history. He has been doing those things for 16 years without lowering the level. No player in all of history has outperformed him. He is the best of all, he just works magic with the ball. Great reaction, could you react to the video of: Messi vs Maradona skills-goals? It is a video comparing the two greatest of all time, Messi and Maradona. It would be a great reaction. Greetings from Spain 👋 and thanks for this video 🙏.

  42. sandeep shukla says

    You earn money on just speaking your feelings on the video of another

  43. tuga fr says


  44. Kizaru Borsalino says

    Bruh it's like in any other sports, every pro player plays on a regular basis (season and national trophies) for a club, a city. And in international competitions (Fifa world cup, euro cup, Copa America, Olympic games etc) , the best, players from each country form the national teams of each nation, so for example you got team Argentina with Messi and all the best players from there, team Brazil with neymar and the best Brazilian players in the world (Ronaldinho and Brazilian Ronaldo too back in the day) and it's like that for each country. So Messi and neymar played together in Barcelona on regular season, cups and champion's league but in world cup they both play for their own country.

  45. Bass Man Bazos says

    Ronaldinho passed the torch to Messi

  46. s a m p l e t e x t says

    Ronaldinho once said "Here, let me show the greatest footballer of all time" and guided them to see Messi practice.

  47. Imtisunep says


  48. Olifer Slays says

    Messi 6 Ronaldo 5 of the trophy

  49. Sagamer9YT says

    8:40 I don't think you understand how big these 2 teams are and how much of a rival they are. Think of the biggest basketball clubs in the world who are the biggest rivals and hate each other and they fight with each other in the game and try to injure the best player. They r barcelona and real Madrid, trust me these 2 teams would kill to beat each other

  50. we.ain't.broken says

    Bro check out naymar

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