1. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack during Detroit Become Human : Stonks
    Jack during Little Hope :
    Not Stonks

  2. Alexyel ah-leez-ee-el says

    Seán: Oh, she's evil and she's gonna burn this house down.
    Me, having already watched another YTer play this: u-um

  3. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack : picks defiant instead of reassuring
    Also Jack : "idk man angela's an asshole"
    You fucking picked her dialogue option you bloody idiot if anyone's to blame it's you

  4. Maria Sofia G says

    john running reminds me of the "why are you running? why are you running?" meme? geez XD

  5. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack : starts calling Megan satan spirit and said she might be malicious
    I can tell that this playthrough is gonna be bad news bears

  6. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack missed a lot
    I hope it doesn't affect his chances of getting a good ending (it does)

  7. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack : picks John to drink

  8. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack : missed the book at the bus
    And that's when the bad ending vibes start rolling in

  9. Dr. Pepper says

    Jack : "we're gonna hate angela through this entire thing btw"
    That didn't age well over those 5 hours

  10. Jurassicman 9804 says

    anyone recognize what the choir in the background is singing from 2:12:45 to 2:13:00?

  11. idk how to change my user lmao says

    this game would’ve been better as a movie 😔 in a game format, this type of story telling really falls flat.

  12. aditya V says

    is it possible that he didnt know why his family had to die and so was trying to come up with an explanation, hence the witch trial story.

  13. Author Kaili Ogden says

    I . . . am so angry . . . Everything was good until that fucking ending . . . what shamalan stephen king cop-out bullshit . . . at least Sean made it entertaining. Goddammit

  14. yo Mart says

    John and Angela are my favorites

  15. Arianna lehala says

    Mind blown

  16. Emma Hassman says

    The only thing I could think of for the characters that go off on their own with out Andrew would be that this also might be a redemption story for them. Because they were all so accusatory of Megan being bad or having something wrong with her (when she was really being abused by priest and no one knew) they were having their chance to go back and save themselves by making better character choices as the game played through. I think that the choices that really counted towards the end were when the characters were talking about the child.

  17. connor nell says

    You heard it folks: Jesus wrote The Bible.

  18. Julianna Montani-Eckstine says

    I love the games with choices. Makes it so interesting.

  19. Brian Catlett says

    You can tell jack delves himself into the characters as he plays the games, i love the enthusiasm and raw emotion.

  20. butterfly queen says

    Not special just tying to save my place

  21. Candy Katori Duy Anh says

    This whole thing would have been over so fast if you guys just kill the priest instead of standing there watching or helping your doppelganger

  22. Abi R says

    I am from Lancashire I am just about an hours away from The irish border but I did move to Canada when I was to but I was born in Lancashire

  23. C B says

    At 41:03 did anyone else see a demon claw in the shadow of Taylor to the right or am I crazy…??

  24. Kiyo says

    "people into history are wierdos"
    Jack you hurt my feeling 🙁

  25. Addison Probert says

    SPOILERS! ok so like if this is anthony’s imagination then like why was his sister and brother dating


    2:12:50 SOUND FAMILIAR bahahah

  27. RedVelvetReaper says

    Yikes. I think that might have been the bad ending?

  28. BansheeBear says

    Angela looks like every single retail Karen I've ever had to deal with


    im getting toy story Vibes Why

  30. Kiyo says

    Ngl but that kid dying in the fire was deserved

  31. Mafia Boss says

    Is it just me or does it seem like until done had way better graphics than this and man of Medan

  32. Wendy says

    So, the town is still not saved from the demon?:c I was hoping for a demon boss battle

  33. PP Brendisæ says

    I can’t wait till jacksepticeye makes a video of this game

  34. Alex says

    Welp, Jack made fun of android, I guess I just can't watch him anymore, have to back to watching Sean…

  35. Andrew Cook says

    Poor jack got the bad ending, the good ending has vincent forgiving and Anthony moving past his grief

  36. Fortnite br and Stw says

    Jack: whats up the professors a#% jacks dark humor side: BADGER: me: snorts nearly choking laughing

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