Madden 15 Ultimate Team – Part 8 – First Live Game! (Let's Play / Walkthrough / Gameplay)


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  1. Garrett Zachmann says


  2. sanchez Greene says

    15:18 that laugh doe

  3. Account says

    your awesome

  4. Account says

    no your not these are all britches

  5. Eddie R says

    You gotta stop playing man to man, play zones and youll win more

  6. JOE LOUISE says

    He yelled so loud when he got that first sack my mom woke up and yellwed at me for being up at 11:30 Thanks a lot trever

  7. Ahmad Reed says


  8. needbcrobloxaccount says

    dude you sound like a girl

  9. xkillerx837 gg says

    tmartn it wasent a AI it was a real person on 3:43

  10. Anthony Cerjance says

    you fucking suck

  11. Star Bwoy says

    Tip throw long drives

  12. NassiemLongboarding says

    pls dont scream like that

  13. Tajon Allen Neal says

    Tmartn on offense don't always listen to the coach pick ur own play by how the defense is setup example if u see one safety in the back field go for a deep pass that means there most likely trying to blitz or play man and then the opposite if u see 2 safety's there playing zone then so might want to run on plays like tht cause they think ur going deep

  14. DigGaruru says

    No more madden 15?

  15. SmajoTho 1 says


  16. Zack Smoove says


  17. SmajoTho 1 says

    PART 9

  18. R0CKSTAR023 says

    I was never able to play these head to head seasons because I always either lag out or the game is just too laggy it's not even playable :/

  19. TR KoolCid says


  20. teeej49 says

    Dude had Roddy White Antonio Gates Alfred Morris Ryan Matthews of course he won.

  21. Alex Alger says

    The guy you were playing was Garbage! You need to finish all of the solo games before you play online again.

  22. Alex Alger says

    TmarTn is defiantly a Madden Noob!

  23. Patrick Powell says

    LOL he needs to stick to cod and gta he had jones single covered and open on the far left side if he would had did a pre snap read of the defense @15:45

  24. Evan fashfahf says

    Its okay trev. Its your first season and you had an unfair matchup. Your team will get better. Trust me

  25. XKiLLaX100 says

    Never stop this series!!!

  26. Caden Olbekson says

    never let madden call your plays 

  27. Genius Reviews says

    Nice vid

  28. DMB Clipz says

    I don't think the computer crashed I think he raged because if you look under history at 19:00 he lost by more than 17-7

  29. Jean-Francois Lalonde says

    15:27 that laugh tho

  30. AllGamesNecessary says

    31-7 u got a beating

  31. Justin Stewart says


  32. Alexander Schram says

    That opponent wasn't that good. Ran some basic stuff on O and D

  33. Synyster Moss says

    If you think this guy was good you're not ready for online trev

  34. Jordan Latour says

    Don't pay attention to all the douchebags with negative comments here! Go into practice mode and find some schemes that work for you. And maybe try doing some skills trainers they'll really help. We all have to start somewhere. Practice makes perfect!

  35. LuvLockDwn says

    You kept throwing into defenders thats why he intercepted

  36. ClosedOnFridays says

    Lol we are not idiots, 31—7 lol

  37. Mantaj J says

    Yeah yeah ur computer failed……liar

  38. Mantaj J says

    Dude serously u ran a man coverage one 3rd and 16 why not a cover 2 or 3 or a diffrent zone

  39. CzarFonz says

    Welcome back toanotha episode of mothertrucking Madden 15, yes that's right baby I'm super exited-things a TmarTn says

  40. Thomas Cawley says

    Trev u need to play zone defense. Only very good corners can play man defense well in this game. Also, many players are confused by zones.

  41. Adolfo Ovalle says

    Can you play with your SUBS. PLZ

  42. Joe Courtney says

    I like watching tmart play CoD and stuff but when it comes to games like madden it's just painful to watch. Like how in the last video he quick sold gold players instead of auctioning them for 10× the coins. I found myself rooting for the other guy just because tmart is soo bad. Tmart, I love you and I love madden, but y'all really don't go well together

  43. BigFarley says

    Or at least I got one

  44. BigFarley says

    U can get a free 81 overall Aaron Rodgers in your mail by pressing r3

  45. SamR says

    A. You lost 31-7 or whatever it was. Everyone knows that. And B. Your computer crashed perfectly and the end of a play? If you are going to lie at least make it believable. But, I am a fan of yours tmart and please don't take this the wrong way.

  46. Brady Wallace says

    How u spin on ps3

  47. Michael Angiolillo says

    if u called a timeout a first down after the pick u would've had a chance

  48. xDysfunct1ona7 says

    Trev you make less coins against people and the games take much longer

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