Making the PERFECT Football Game!


Making the PERFECT Football Game to Rival Madden NFL! with Brian Mazique. Full Article:

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Translated titles:
¡Haciendo el juego de fútbol PERFECTO para rivalizar con Madden NFL!

  1. Slumpdog says

    Sad no mention of Axis Football

  2. Mr HCT Gaming says

    It’s already made, it’s called ESPN NFL 2K5

  3. Tabris says

    Good opinions, but I do think 2k5 is a much better game than the modern maddens. I personally can’t even play Madden for more than 5 minutes before getting bored, it’s just not as immersive as the 2K football games

  4. FAT JAXSON says

    2k5 is old but it is literally better than Madden. I’m playing it right now.

  5. Cody Holloway says

    NHL 21s new trade deadline day

  6. josh smith says

    That was a great interview! Loved it man, great work! Spoke for so many of us!

  7. Kevin Findley says

    What about "HEADCOACH" …..

  8. Kevin Findley says

    2K would have evolved into another madden they would have transitioned into micro transactions

  9. Kevin Findley says

    Ok if your a franchise guy this is what you want a game that makes you want to play it a game that has you thinking if your on the toilet or driving to work what can I do to fix my team or upgrade a position or a game that has you buying notebooks and pencils to keep up with what your doing ……

  10. Kris Bryant says

    Every game Should have that carry over for franchise. Like MLB.

  11. Charlotte suleyman says

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  12. ogun says

    Man dam all that we need NCAA Football back.

  13. Noteworthy Tech says

    I would take the deep franchise mode from Axis Football, halftime show and weekly wrap up from 2k5. That would make a franchise mode to me. As an extra if possible make the first top 15 picks in a draft walk on stage to be congratulated by the commissioner or at least an interview after they are drafted.

  14. Chubbi3M says


  15. gesstr txizz says

    Братан, посмотри мои видео.

  16. Won4real says

    Sports drink TV. Started the fix madden franchise by the way my guy.

  17. Valon Fleming says


  18. Loc Luger says


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