MAME Racing Games with 270 Degree Wheel 3/3


Compilation video of most of the working racing games in MAME that benefit from a 270 degree wheel. 360 degree wheel games are included in my spinner videos. The wheel is an Xbox 360 wireless wheel.

Included games:

Special Criminal Investigation
Super Monaco GP
Rave Racer
F1 Super Lap
Pocket Racer
Suzuka 8 Hours
Suzuka 8 Hours 2
California Speed
Konami GT
Rad Rally
Racing Hero
Super Chase: Criminal Termination
Speed Up
Big Run
Stadium Cross
Chase Bombers
Cisco Heat
Four Trax
Cyber Cycles
Hot Chase
Midnight Run

  1. Bless Y says

    I lov arcade raving <3

  2. Grambo says

    +DarthMarino Can you add "Rush 2049 Special Edition" its deserve a mention in the classic arcade racing list.

  3. Flippy Musa says

    wait no battle gear

  4. Anselmo Arruda says

    Hello DarthMarino beauty? you could post the emulator and games of cars I download …
    Grateful for the attention.
    Descupla by my English is bad kkk because I'm from Brazil ..

  5. g halle says

    Love your videos. Could you give make one showing a tutorial of how to map a couple of the driving games within MAME? This would be helpful. Your spinner tutorial was great.

  6. Alejandro Aguilar says

    I wish i had the full list of MAME driving games i know of a couple you missed APB , SAFARI

  7. MJ JACK says

    hi, great video !!! But how did you do to have a so beautifull screen with california speed ??? you used filters ???

  8. jshelt22 says

    I just purchased the Logitech gt driving force wheel with pedals…I had difficulty setting the controls for it in Mame. Do you have any advice or tips on how you were able to set yours up?

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