Marvel/Culver Entertainment/Sony Pictures Television (2008)


From ”The Spectacular Spider-Man” (2008-2009).

This is is my 2nd least favourite Spider-Man animated series (behind The Ultimate Spider-Man from 2012, which is godawful). While the storylines and writing are good, the animation is really ridiculous and looks like if it was drawn by elementary students. Seriously, the characters look so childish, especially Peter Parker. Need I say more?

  1. Jared Chriss says

    Like spider man Marvles

  2. Tajmir The Random Fan 2K20 - 2K21 TheBlueGreenGuy says

    Seen on The Vortexx On TheCW.
    I seen the show of it.

  3. Minecraft Features I want The GeoTrax Railfan says

    Really, It is High toned!

  4. iKed says

    A good story can save mediocre animation tho

  5. V Glendinning says

    This Was Captured From A Cartoon Network
    UK Airing Of Said Show In September 2009.

  6. Alfredo Bauza says

    Can you upload Marvel/Culver Entertainment (2008) please?

  7. Kennedy Wilson says

    i have a dvd of this

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