Massive Brunch Food Challenge w/ Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwich!!


A&Z #858 – Randy Santel “Atlas” vs Lo-Town Brew’s Massive Brunch Food Challenge w/ a Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwich at Lo-Town Brew in Loretto, Tennessee which is on the Tennessee and Alabama border!! For this video and food challenge, Lo-Town Brew collaborated with Asgard Brewing Company based out of nearby Columbia, Tennessee. After finishing up my food challenges in Oklahoma and Arkansas, I traveled east to Tennessee where I attempted lots of delicious food challenges as part of my 2020 Southeast USA Tour. I also attempted 2 just south of Tennessee in Hernando, Mississippi, and 1 just north of Tennessee in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. For event #4, I traveled to Loretto, TN and attempted the brand new “Brunch Punch” Food Challenge at Lo-Town Brew which just opened up in March earlier this year. I had 1 hour to finish all kinds of brunch deliciousness plus 3 pints of beer from Asgard Brewing Co. For the foods, there was a bowl of Southern Oats filled with healthy fruits, a French toast and bacon sandwich, some Stuffed French Toast, and a 4.5lb super-sized version of Lo-Town Brew’s signature Cinnabisc. I was trying to win my $75 meal free, a bag of ground Black Rifle Coffee, and the first spot on the Wall of Fame!! Thank you to owners Mandy & Eric with Lo-Town Brew, and John with Asgard Brewing Co. for all the wonderful food, drinks, and hospitality, and to everyone who came that day to watch and meet me!! I appreciate everyone around the Loretto, TN area and throughout the great state of Tennessee who watches our videos and supports our efforts!! There are 2 Hernando, Mississippi videos upcoming!!


Lo-Town Brew’s Massive Brunch Food Challenge in Loretto, Tennessee ($75):

– Lo-Town Brew opened up in Loretto, Tennessee earlier this year in March 2020.
– They are known for their signature Cinnabisc which is a cinnamon roll breakfast sandwich.
– They collaborated for this challenge with Asgard Brewing Company in nearby Columbia, TN.
– There is a bowl of Southern Oats (oatmeal) filled with 2 healthy fruits of your choice.
– There is a French Pig (French toast and bacon sandwich) plus some Stuffed French Toast.
– The Stuffed French Toast is filled with cream and another healthy fruit of your choice.
– The main feature of this challenge is the super-sized version of Lo-Town Brew’s Cinnabisc.
– There are 2 layers of bacon, eggs, and cheese, between 3 freshly baked cinnamon rolls.
– 1lb bacon, 8 eggs, and lots of cheese. The top cinnamon roll is smothered with icing.
– Challengers have 1 hour and must finish 3 pints of Asgard beers or 3 cold brew coffees.
– Winners receive the meal free, a bag of ground Black Rifle Coffee, and Wall of Fame.

This video was filmed on Saturday, August 15, 2020 (8/15/2020).

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  1. Randy Santel says

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! I really enjoyed the Cinnabisc and this brunch food challenge in general, which was filmed the day after attempting the burger challenge featured in the previous video with lots of snakes and spiders. Here is the link to watch that video for anyone interested:

  2. Marcos Palomo says

    As much as I want to dislike Randy because he can be (or maybe used to be) a bit obnoxious, he genuinely seems like a nice guy…

  3. K padmaja says

    Again wow dude…

  4. Cis Lord says

    Randy and Jamel aka Jamal are two of the best people on YouTube.

  5. aircrash tupolov says

    That bowl of oats looked delicious and the last layer of the Cinnabisc looked amazing! I think you took time to taste this challenge dude………..well done! 👍❤🍺🍺🍺

  6. Mr Swaggtastic says

    I wouldn't be able to get past the toast, too much sweetness for me.

  7. Lieve Vlindertjes. says

    Omg hun. You think you life in Hollywood or so?

  8. Andrew Denny says

    Done it easy, well done Randy.

  9. NIN1337 says

    sometimes its hard to appreciate how much meat these place can pack between those buns

  10. Account A says

    What is amazing with Randy is that he can entertain the audience while enjoying large amounts of food. Get the crowd involved. Randy is the bomb.

  11. NIN1337 says

    just shut up and eat. anyone whos ever watched a randy santel video

  12. Vijay Sahni says

    Stop being excited

  13. Vincent C says

    The music adds a great touch to the videos!

  14. Karen Tladi says

    As I eat my all bran flakes.

  15. amin chokri says

    one hour to finish this ? that's what we call a free brunch

  16. Sas'see Imran says

    Love your style 💕

  17. Justine Sagan says

    That cinnamon roll looked really good

  18. Paul Crichton says

    Who's is Chevy SS out the front

  19. Lori Gravelin says

    Love your videos and I know you usually complete the challenges… however, if you didn’t talk so much between you’d have much faster times.

  20. LC61 says

    Well done Randy

  21. Alabamasmallsteps says

    Wish u would stop in Alabama!!!

  22. REVOLUTION IX says

    I’m definitely gonna have a go at this bro

  23. DustyRusty81 says

    I would like to see a speed eater with False-Teeth do a challenge, just asking for a friend

  24. Francesca/ lichfieldcity69 says

    Randy, you are a legend! X

  25. Jim D says

    Delicious looking challenge. Congratulations. Best of luck following your dream.

  26. Sean B says

    Best thumbnail imo

  27. Patty Witt says

    Congratulations Randy on a new win and kicking off the challenge and settling a great time!

  28. Reefs 2 Morphs hunt says

    Who is atlas

  29. Tom & Jerry says

    Hi randy i am ajay from indian🇮🇳👳 come to india

  30. Steven S says

    That food looked so amazing

  31. Zannia Vile says

    Very impressive. 🙂

  32. lfought says

    Looks gamn good!!

  33. Forrest Holcomb says

    I really like Randy Santel. Why? He calls it like he sees it. Some restaurants try to cheat him because they know of him and he calls them on it. They add another pound or so on the challenge. Shame on them. Randy earns his living off of entertaining us, the viewers. Keep it honest restaurants. He isn't rich. I've seen his kitchen in the background and mine is nicer and I am far from rich. GO RANDY! That's also my brothers first name so maybe I'm prejudiced.😀

  34. Tushar Sadhye says

    1 hour for this? You guys must have a really big heart!

  35. Kailem Jones says

    Great to see no masks 😷! … So refreshing. The people are waking up to the sCamdemic. Turn off your TV, don't let the fake news control you. Do your own research.God Bless 🙏 – TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲 – QAnon WWG1WGA

  36. Paz Since81 says

    GOOD LUCK OMG 🤤 my stomach bursted just looking at that those brews are meals them selves … much luv that food is crazy filling brunch is different from lunch and dinner…WTF HOW IS YOUR HEART NOT STOPPING that place looks bomb

  37. munsterr777 says

    A 10% BBA stout downed in seconds, cheesh

  38. Autumn Hippie says

    I'm going to say it… How strict of a contract are you on? You eat yourself to near death every year, video comments towards the end of the year always say that you are not looking well because your shirts that you wore in the beginning of the year no longer fit. Even if you raised you head up, half of your stomach shows. You are coming into my state and no one around you is taking this pandemic seriously, which in hindsight makes sense because they let you abuse your body in ways it will not recover no matter the workout. This isn't film from earlier in the year. Cool, it shows him by himself but the patrons? Dude, you're in my state, miles away. I know you have a schedule, so did all of us and so many STILL cannot go back to work. Use compassion over pride. Sadly, you will not see this as I assume the management team behind you actually controls it. I see you are going to my state soon, please don't. You seem to take no precautions and focus on productivity.

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