Meat the Military: President Uhuru moves KMC from Agriculture to Defence Ministry


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  1. Islam اسلامنا Muslims says

    السلام عليكم فتحت قناة وراح تكون مقاطع قصيرة أن شاء الله عن الإسلام مترجمة اشترك وانتفع معنا اثابنا الله واياكم القناة غير ربحية تجارة مع الله أن كنت ستدعم افرحنا بتعليق وشكرا ✋

  2. Far RuK says

    Security is being beefed up!

  3. Osman Haji says

    Good news

  4. Paul Njuguna says

    Military ndio jawabi in Kenya today. People who receive straight orders and are more than ready to execute them. Military should take over half of every sector and ministry. We need positive and forward changes haijalishi ni KDF ama FBI.

  5. Njeri Rahab says

    Yes, good move…

  6. karendi foodie says

    He can also handover the government to military services aende apumzike….

  7. James Njoroge says

    Kenyans have not come to the reality that this guy is preparing Kenya for a military junta come 2022 with the excuse of instability are we so blinded by this handshake and looting that we don't realize where this dictator is taking Kenya paying people 200ksh to demonstrate for his mother to cover the corvid19 looters is this what we want raila,mudavadi,kalonzo and the flock were all laughing and celebrating when Bob owino called mama ngina a bitch at the podium and now the pain has caught them, gentlemen give kenyans their due and stop hiding behind petty issues.

  8. akm again says

    I am here for the headline 😂😂

  9. supu moto says

    Sawa na utawala wa Egypt, kila kitu Iko chini ya wizara ya ulinzi.HaPo nidhihirisho tujitayarishe na military state

  10. Man in a Bubble says

    Nairobi County-NMS takeover Check. Now we got this… Open your eyes guys.

  11. joseph mureithi says

    How I don't understand bt were confused

  12. bismark umbili says

    Also give the government to the military…..

  13. Fr. Andrew Werunga, flp says

    Though it sounds funny, Badi has shown that they can do better.

  14. Moonface says

    All ministries should go to the defence force,Soldiers are more petriotic than greedy politicians

  15. hellespont1 says

    Wise choice uhunye! As a matter of fact the whole ministry of agriculture should go under defence ministry. Food security is a matter of national security

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