Meet One Of New York Fashion Week's Youngest Designers


Egypt “Ify” Ufele is one of New York Fashion Week’s youngest designers. At 10 years old, she founded the plus-size label, Chubiiline clothing. Ify takes inspiration from street style and designs from African cultures. She uses her line to advocate for her anti-bullying foundation, BullyChasers. The United Nations has even selected her as a Junior Ambassador for her work!

See more from Chubiiline:

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  1. Krrrimmi says

    U gotta bright future kiddo.& you're cute. 💖👍

  2. Call Me Swag says

    I remember her from school back before she graduated. Everyone was really happy for her when she got the Toyota commercial

  3. Subscribe and like to the comments. says

    I hope her good luck on hee journey

  4. Getachew Tafesse says

    And also she looks older than 12 right

  5. Getachew Tafesse says

    She is amazing

  6. Egypt Burton says

    Hi Egypt.

  7. Rosie Salomon says

    Go girl be postive,created

  8. deleted account says

    This little girl is living my dream

  9. Alexia Handfield says

    I want to be a designer

  10. snapperz says

    She used to go to my school…its a pretty bad school…sad to know they were bullying her tho

  11. Crackheadperson says

    I'm younger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. hayat mahmoud omer says

    she is pretty and intelligent I dont know why she is bulled

  13. Ania Jean says

    Good for you girl

  14. FutureSenator Leader says

    The bank is your best friend from now on Egypt……I Love your work!☺…bully's are people who needs to be artistically made ov'r…alone they feel no one see them, so, they travel by 2's & acts of uncur'd kindness…your do'n what u need 2 do, nev'r b distract'd by 3rd wheel noise'z. .its the emptiness that's caus'n that sound

  15. Taiwo says

    Wow !

  16. Paper Crafts says

    She looks like she's around 20 or 30's seriously not really like 12

  17. Ruth Miro says

    Will you have a fashion show and vendor booth here this year in NY 2019?

  18. Zhengting Eri says

    She is amazing.

  19. Euuda says

    Im a young aspiring fashion designer any tips?

  20. Carolyn Cartoons says

    She’s the same age as I am! Whoa! Well I’m almost 13. July 11.

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