Meet the PSG fashion designer who dresses Mbappe, Beyonce & Rita Ora | BBC Sport


Chelcee Grimes is in Paris, before the Women’s World Cup, to discover how the French capital has become the epicentre of football fashion.

BBC Sport travels to Paris to meet Christelle Kocher – founder of the Koche fashion house – who’s love of fashion and football has seen her PSG designs worn by the likes of Beyonce, Rita Ora and many other stars.

We also explore the Mbappe effect on the club and the French fashion industry.

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Meet the PSG Fashion designer who dresses Mbappe, Beyonce & Rita Ora | BBC Sport

  1. قري qree says


  2. قري qree says

    أوروبا وأمريكا الإرهابيين

  3. Alexis Laurent says

    Ici c'est Paris

  4. Gürsoy Yaşar says

    please subtitle for bbc sport's videos

  5. Risshen Raj says

    They’ll go broke soon since there owner doesn’t want to give them money anymore

  6. W annes says


  7. erfan says

    When you have no fans you do nonsense and foolish thingsIs it boutique or a football club?😂😂

  8. Guybrush Threepweed says

    No one gives a fuck.

  9. shakil says

    If you watch women’s football, then I’m sorry but you must have soo much free time….

  10. Powfoot says

    They really needed to put mbappe and neymar in the title to get clicks on a video about womens footie

  11. Callum Moloney says

    PSG is everything wrong with football

  12. Jainam Shah says

    Why would you mixup fashion and footballI do dig her style tho

  13. Joshoverload says

    This video shows what’s wrong with modern football

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