Meet the Thai fashion designer making bespoke selvedge denim jeans | Remarkable Living


Bangkok-based Vitchapong Hutasuwan hails from a family of jean manufacturers. But instead of joining the family business, he decided to start his own label, Selvedgework, in 2012. This is his story.

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  1. Haysuz_Loves_Texas says

    he speaks good American English (casually) and some idiot thought it would be smart to correct him with the British caption text which is just distracting to be there in the first place. That said, this is a good documentary as I now know who he is and will in the future visit his shop for a few pairs.

  2. Jamil Alexander says


  3. Raj Soni says

    One of the best video i ever saw regarding Bespoke…. Dear you proves that creativity can beat everything. Wish you great success with your start up, Blessings Keep rocking and have a blast ahead.

  4. Mr Azlan the Landlord says

    Salvage, you mean?

  5. jrukawa11 says

    a lot of imports goes to the product

  6. withoon k says

    As a siamese, his english is annoying. I myself like singaporean accent, it is funny but easy to understand..lah

  7. kaimito yuko says

    I do love jeans and always love wearing it,it makes me more comfortable.This guy is amazing!

  8. Early Connections says

    Custom made ones 😍 so good to see 😊 pls visit connected friend 🙏💐

  9. Candace Torres says

    I love him!!! Shoot for what you want!!!

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