1. Chad Van Oostendorp says

    Hey Rocco, I know it's hard to keep up because leaks regarding Xbox happen before Xbox can fully explain it and then headlines go out before they are clarified and no one sees the clarification.Regarding the Series S not playing One X upgrades for old games, that's mostly just the 4K. And since the Series S doesn't do 4K, obviously it won't do the One X 4K.But they clarified on Twitter after this sort of discourse leaked there is more to their upgrades than just upping to 4K, and those still apply.Anyway, love you all, keep up the good work!

  2. Devon says

    Wow, Derrick looked so bored when Rocco was talking. Looks like the rift between them just got deeper

  3. lemonfacer says

    Would love to hear Derrick's tenet greviences next podcast/aftershow

  4. flamingbunnyrabbits says

    If Manga counts, then The Amigara Fault terrified me the first time I read it. I couldn't put it down till it was done, but It was horrifying for a first time read when I was like 14.

  5. Random Assault says

    ass central oils

  6. Coelacamth says

    Lmao when Derrick starts a podcast off enthusiastic and loud. Funny and hype af

  7. Zegeebwah says

    Y'all big wrong on Hereditary that's a masterpiece

  8. Neal says

    The Terror is one of my favorite books of all time. Hope you enjoy it and get scared Derrick!You'll also likely go down the rabbit hole of reading the history of the lost Franklin Expedition that it's based on.

  9. coollayo says

    The nearest drive-in theater for me is 2 hours away

  10. BryceWithRice says

    I’m really surprised by their review of tenet. I felt for the first half of the movie I was completely lost. It wasn’t until the middle of act2 and act 3 that I finally felt like I knew what was going on. I loved it, and I loved the the second half.

  11. UnitingMilk says

    I bet the next generation of xbox is just gonna be called X

  12. T I M O T E Í Lynn says

    lmao garret at the end

  13. Azfaru says

    Dude I had the same exact thought as Rocco when I was watching Tenet: It's literally a Hideo Kojima movie.

  14. phalxor says

    why did you guys make an nfl pog with a tumor growing on the side of it

  15. FHPPpg says

    Shouts out to both Johnny and Bryan for the live and post editing!! They really enhance the podcast

  16. phalxor says

    brewing an entire pot of coffee for one piece of shit during the very last movie playing on a shit day could be the straw that breaks the camels back

  17. Nada Nika says

    doctor: “you have 1 hour, 30 minutes and 33 seconds left to live” me:

  18. Kane Kadaver ϟ says

    The It audiobook is nearly 45 hours long, narrated by Steven Weber. He did an incredible job, one of the few books I preferred as an audiobook. Definitely recommend if you can make time. I know a lot of people listen to audiobooks at a higher speed to get through quicker, but for me that breaks immersion unfortunately.

  19. Merlin Ambrosius says

    Rooco watch tourqk the motorcycle film. Its related to fast and furious

  20. Merchant2006 says

    Sweet fade Derrick

  21. A Pink DS Lite says

    Regular theaters are open in my area. Just with 50% capacity, and parties have to sit two seats apart from one another

  22. channelgatari says

    🍿✓ ☕ ✓ 🍿+☕ = Code to break the matrix

  23. Лука says

    24:37Look it up the Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, dude they discovered coffee… aaaand they serve it with popcorn. Rocco was actually performing an ancient tradition.

  24. Hazardous Jazzgasm says

    Garrett shaving is about as soul-crushing as Shawn getting rid of his kids

  25. roronora says

    Yo, after watching this Tenet film, f*** Christopher Nolan.

  26. Carlos Sosa says

    Johnny killing it with the Edit again. That close up showing Rocco taking something from the Tenga gift package without telling anybody was golden 1:26:49. You the man Johnny.

  27. MrStarDoor says

    Derrick was so thoughtful about spoilers the whole podcast but then he ruined The Prestige

  28. Joke Cube says

    Rocco shitting on overpriced NES LEGO but is all over the $60 ROM collection

  29. Super Kawaii Kittens says

    You guys should look into audiobooks played at 1.5x speed

  30. Chris W says

    I really enjoyed The Mist by Stephen King. It's short and easy to read found inside Skeleton Crew, which has a collection of other short stories.I read it initially because someone mentioned that it partly inspired Half Life, and I can definitely see how.

  31. Kakashi Hatake says

    smol Johhny

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