Melaka Food At Local Food Courts – Chinese Food & Indian Desserts – Traveling Malaysia Ep. 104


Melaka Food At Local Food Courts – Let’s start a little Melaka food tour and try different Malaysian food

Welcome to episode 104 of my trip all around Malaysia. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes you can watch them here:

Time to start a little Melaka food tour here in Melaka (Malacca), a little town on the west coast of Malaysia known for its very delicious local Malaysian food. After trying Malaysian food all over the country in the pasts months I of course also have to try the Melaka food here. So I am getting Chinese Food & Indian Desserts here today. Let’s see…
I am currently traveling Malaysia – all around the country – and try to find as many hidden gems and stories as possible. I am going to stay in the Melaka state for around the next four weeks due to the new CMCO, so if you are interested in more Melaka vlogs or some more Melaka food tours or Malaysia vlogs in general, stay tuned for more.
After the Corona Lockdown, it is now possible again to travel Malaysia. In the next weeks I will travel Malaysia (all around the country) and make daily vlogs about it. I will show you how to travel Malaysia, how to do backpacking Malaysia and show you what it’s like to solo travel around this country in southeast Asia. So, if you are interested in backpacking southeast Asia in general or specifically interested in backpacking Malaysia, then this series of my Malaysia travel vlogs might be interesting for you.

How is it to travel Malaysia 2020 after the Corona lockdown? Will there be tourist or will I be the only one? How to travel Malaysia on a budget during this time? We are going to find out all of this in the upcoming weeks, daily vlogs from now on, documenting my whole trip traveling Malaysia, so stay tuned, if you are interested in travel Malaysia by yourself or travel southeast Asia in general 😊
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  1. Ken Abroad says

    Hey #teamabroad✌️ Did you see the previous video yet?➡️

    Check out the whole playlist of the traveling Malaysia series:

    You can also follow me on Instagram for daily stories and behind the scenes stuff:

  2. ezee khushairi says

    i think i saw ur friend at dataran pahlawan yesterday but i didnt see u :c

  3. Mohd Aiman says

    cendol is not typical malay. Cendol only have on south east asia. Mean all race in south east asia can make cendol. lol. i think he racist

  4. Karen Teng says

    Hey #teamabroad,…I'm a m"sian Chinese, definitely every day ate chinese foods ,so the beauty of my country whether,rich or poor, we still can savour others culture foods.

  5. aldarhami says

    Respect of each sensitivity, thats why we got some different place for food court..👍

  6. Intan Nurahiza says

    Love looking you enjoy all the food… Thank will follow you forever ….

  7. Azizan BQI says

    hi ken. your apartment in melaka have a very nice view. what is the name of the apartment?

  8. katak hijau says

    Look at the chopstick.. it shaking 🤣🤣🤣
    Same goes on ball chicken rice vlog..

  9. Bangkok Walks says

    Amazing!! This is pure joy to watch my friend! This is what I am striving for in my videos!

  10. NIZAM MOHD NOR says

    Cendol is an iced sweet dessert that contains droplets of green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. It is commonly found in Southeast Asia and is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Myanmar.

  11. Ahmad Rusdan Mohamed says

    You should put star rating on very food or drinks you tried

  12. Sup3rnal says

    Awesome video Ken! Being a Malaysian, it's hard to choose which type of food is my favourite. The food in Malaysia has become so intertwined that sometimes we've forgotten who came up with it first. So whether Malay, Chinese, Indian etc, in the end they're all Malaysian food. What I like to eat depends on my mood. But they're each all so good and unique. Even as a Muslim, there are always halal versions so it's really awesome living in Malaysia. #teamabroad

  13. leonardlim10 says

    fun fact – the first food court you're at was previously my grandma's temple. We rented the space there for a long time and established a temple at the spot. Then we had to move because the owner sold the land and the new owner wanted to build that food court. So that area brings a lot of memories as a kid. We have now moved elsewhere in Melaka. Its called Hwa Kor San if you're interested 🙂

  14. Massif Laurel says

    Don't miss Grilled Fish (Ikan Bakar) in Umbai or Serkam once CMCO is lifted..

  15. Mohamad zahid Zainul abidin says

    ABC,,,,air batu campur,,,
    There is South America versions of ABC ,,,they made from shave ice with alot if syrup also,,,,, in Brazil , Colombia and Venezuela they put Acai berry thick syrup on top of the ABC,,
    Those countries also can claim ABC as their own dish,,,
    It's nicer to say ABC and Chendol is a Malaysian food,,
    Sorry to say and millions apologies ,,,for my comment

  16. FreedomRespectJoy says

    That's UJONG PASIR village 👍

  17. Zairil Azmir Zaiyadi says


  18. Kiro says

    If you want to make an easy way to register your name everytime you enter a shop, you can download the MySejahtera apps

  19. Norzima Shamsuddin says

    That white fruit is palm fruit I think..

  20. Amil Hakim says

    Cendol is traditionally indian? Hahahahahahhahahahaha.. clearly he doesn't know his own roots.

  21. Mohamad zahid Zainul abidin says

    Sorry to say ,,this is not rasic comment,,, l went backpacking in India a few times,, I went to south of India,,,Tamil Nadu, Karala,,Karnataka, ,Malabar, Goa even went to Sikkim and Assam ,,I never saw chendol,,
    I only saw Parata,,,I never saw Nasi kandar in South India,,
    I also went to Northern India from Delhi I went until Himachal Pradesh ,laddak and Kashmir also I went to Pagong lake,,
    I saw and eats a lot of braini mutton,,nan bread, vegetarian thali,,,never find chendol,, but you can find Chendol at Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Philippines their own version of chendol,,
    It's nicer to says Chendol is Malaysian food,
    Once more ,,,a very millions apologize if what I commented is a little bit harsh,,
    Stay safe and stay happy

  22. TIME TO SLEEP says

    Cendol is from Southeast Asia

  23. u not exist says

    The difference of abc and cendol is, when u buy cendol, u only got cendol but when u buy abc, you got cendol and everything in one bowl, they mix(campur) everything in there.

  24. Irwan Izurin Ismail says

    Please come to Batu Pahat, Johor and try Nasi Beriyani, mee racun, asam pedas. There is beaches in Batu Pahat such as Pantai Minyak Beku, Sungai Lurus, Pantai Punggur and Pantai Raja Sehari. At Pantai Minyak Beku, you can see lighthouse. In Sungai Lurus you can find many shops sell seafood and also nice view. In Pantai Raja Sehari or known as Pantai Perpat, you can see mangrove…nice view

  25. Mikayla Ariana says

    In Melaka try "Portuquese Food", Portuquese have ruled Melaka for 130 (1511-1641)years, Melaka once a very famous trade city even chinese from China came to Melaka, Admiral Cheng Ho, famous Admiral in China and close to Chinese Emperor visited Melaka and also do not forget to try famous "BABA AND NYONYA DELICIOUS FOOD', Baba and Nyonya food are from the chinese who accompany their princess "Hang Lipo" who married the Sultan/King of Melaka, there's no pork in their food eventhough they are chinese……

  26. Dani Hqm says

    Huh? I think cendol originally from malay ,not indian🤔

  27. Edie Ws says

    Nice place and very cheap

  28. Dinie Vamosz says

    Ken you at my home town..have a nice journey…

  29. lesley tay says

    Ken ABC in an Indian dielect means colourfully ice like gelato or sherbet

  30. Helen Isaac says

    It may have originated in Malayan port cities such as Malacca and Penang where British refrigerated ships' technology would provide the required ice. In Javanese tradition, dawet or cendol is a part of traditional Javanese wedding ceremony.
    When I was growing up. This desert used to be sold by Indian Muslims. No additional. Just the gula melaka rice pandas flavoured short noodles coconut milk and shaved ice. A treat for school children 5 cents a bowl!!
    Now vendors add varied sweets some even lumps of sticky rice. It has evolved from state to state in Malaysia. Still a favourite

  31. Mas IV says

    May be you can try Roti Canai Charcoal in Melaka, seen in TV show people willing to queue in morning

  32. Terry Laz says

    My friend Nash is the Cendol guy. Very delicious Cendol.

  33. JIEANNN ML says

    Hi i from MALAYSIA🇲🇾

  34. x Farikh says
  35. Nina Ya says

    anothr suggestion u could also try asam pedas with white rice (got choice of eithr fish/ikan kembung ikan pari,beef/daging,tetel/fats,telur ikan/fish egg) at Restoran Man Asam Pedas Taman Kota Laksamana . Also to same area ; Tandoori Cheese Nan at Pak Putra restaurant Taman Kota Laksamana

  36. KOO YU SHIEN says


  37. Nina Ya says

    myb u could try fresh seafood at umbai shima ikan bakar terapung . they also hv new outlet station 17 umbai wit modern cuisine . friendly ppl & reasonable price
    hv a good day ahead ken !

  38. predictor 2045 says

    9:52 that is fish cake, slice of fish cake.

  39. NicCraft33 says

    Are you travelling back to Johor? (Except for Kota Tinggi and Mersing) Because CMCO is over for Johor and Melaka.

  40. kal a says

    Cantonese kuey teow is amazing.

  41. Ayu Yeang says

    The portion of the food. Usually people don't order smaller portion. I think they served you a normal portion because they wasn't sure. Maybe you can try to tell them like this, "give me one of this and less noodle because I'm slightly full already".

    Your question about which food do I prefer. I prefer malay and Indian food because as a Chinese, chinese food is normal to me ☺️

  42. yan jiong Boo says

    Go to vegetarian restaurant, you will be surprise how those vegetarian food is cooked in asia, super delicious and healthy… Not just plain salad, but variety of taste …

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