Messi Scores a Goal From Behind the Posts During Training for Barcelona Return HD


Lionel Messi Scores a Goal from Behind the Posts as Barcelona Return Nears
Footage has surfaced of Lionel Messi scoring a goal from behind the goal posts as the Argentina international prepares for his Barcelona return.
The superstar missed the last part of 2013 to recover from a hamstring injury but appears to be closing in on full health—and it doesn’t look like the swagger disappeared in the last few months.

Messi flies back to Spain today, and his first-team return could follow early in the new year.
Messi scores from behind the goal during training after injury 2013
ميسي يسجل بطريقة خرافية في حصة تدريبية لآخر مرجلة من علاجه من الإصابة
Messi score in a way that fairy training session for the last of his vessel treatment of injury. skills. goals
Lionel Messi scores stunning training ground goal from off the pitch
Even when he’s injured, he’s still the best player in the world.
Lionel Messi has been spending time back in Argentina, undergoing rehabilitation for a thigh injury which has kept him from the pitch since mid-November.

However the Barcelona star appears to be getting back to his best going by the evidence in this video.
Messi is seen doing a few kick-ups at the end of another session before launching a spinning shot from behind the goal that hits the ground then spins back through the posts.

The Argentinian should return from his injury hiatus when La Liga returns from its winter break. On this form, it looks like he’s lost none of his sharpness.
Messi Scores a Goal From Behind the PostsDuring Training for Barcelona Return [HD]
El golazo de rosca de Messi demuestra que está a punto
Messi hizo esta pinturita en su último entrenamiento en Argentina [VIDEO]
The ‘ Flea’ gave a treat at the end of their set-up in Rosario . On Thursday return to practice in Barcelona. Lionel Messi ended Monday his rehabilitation work in Argentina and Thursday will be reunited with his colleagues in Barcelona, ​​waiting for his return to football after injury that sidelined him the past two months .
” World Leo ” program of Argentina’s public television dedicated to the idol , was present at the last practice and the star gave them a luxury parallel to the bow, a couple of meters behind the goal line , took a subtle left-footed by way center and the ball just took a boat to make a perfect ‘ thread ‘ and get to the post. Genial!

Messi arrived in Buenos Aires on November 30 . Since then , he works to recover from his hamstring tear at the site of the Argentine Football Association (AFA ) , on the outskirts of the capital, and in Rosario , his hometown.
The crack in Rosario spent the holidays with his family and travel to Barcelona on Wednesday , which begins the next day to train with his teammates. “I want to send a big hello to everyone . Wish you a happy year, the best for 2014 , lots of health for all and a hug. We will see, ” was the message from Messi.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi has hours to return to reunite with his colleagues in Barcelona. The crack culé already completed its overhaul in Argentina and Barca fans were awaiting their evolution through the latest posts to the ’10 ‘ issued through videos as distributed by ‘ World Leo ‘ .

In one of the last you can see the great mood Barca star, who once again calls 2014 a year without injury to shine with Barca and Argentina team.

This video features images of appeal in which to be seen doing some juggling Lio precision such as bouncing the ball on the crossbar but above other details, features a nice shot of ‘ quirk ‘ from behind the goal. The genius of Messi during his recovery in Argentina
La ‘Pulga’ regaló un lujo
“Mundo Leo”, televisión pública argentina dedicado al ídolo, estuvo presente en la última práctica y la estrella les regaló un lujo: paralelo al arco, un par de metros detrás de la línea de gol, sacó un sutil zurdazo a modo de centro y la pelota solo dio un bote para realizar una ‘rosca’ perfecta y meterse al arco.

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