Minecraft UHC but I used ADMIN POWERS to RIG the game.


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Minecraft UHC but I used my ADMIN POWERS to RIG the game.

  1. Alina Cameron says

    this is why you never let tapl become an admin in all vediogames 10:02

  2. Bob li says

    UH why do u have to say my name

  3. MaxPicAxe says

    UHC but everyone gets a RANDOM item every time someone dies.

  4. Oh wow like goal got DESTROYED

  5. Edith Dela Cruz says

    this is kinda sad Tapl becoming weak like shadow apple and abuse

  6. Kevin tandra says

    When TapL have admin power on UHC every people is dead

  7. Corbin Ostergaard says

    Can you make a modded uhc?

  8. 「ツ」 says

    Bro you’re running out of ideas

  9. M3MZ4DAYZ BOI says

    You didn’t rig it you ruined it

  10. SPEX says


  11. Attley Suda says

    I bet he wont see this. I will join if he likes. Please let him see this

  12. Dj Hunting Down says

    Love this idea

  13. Mateo De Santiago says


  14. 17 iq says

    The lava balls reminds me of ninetails

  15. iStellars says

    Minecraft UHC but you can only fight if you’re on a horse

  16. R2 Cookie says


  17. Five 5 says

    the next wone can be:Minecrfat UCH but wen you take damege you get junpboost

  18. AM H says

    Minecraft UHC but whenever you break a block a wither spawns

  19. Alzemski says

    I, Alzemski got 44 place 10:33

  20. Fycron says

    Minecraft UHC but everyone has a combo duel kit from hypixel

  21. Aidan Taba says

    Imagine that he accidently forgot to turn off the dangerous water and they all died……

  22. sxpra says

    A legend was born playing pixel gun

  23. Kiril Butsyka says

    Make mine raft UHC, but theres no enchantments, but everyone Will have a potion brewer at the start.
    Like no enchantments, Just potions!

  24. Just Viewer says

    Make a uhc where pvp enables and disables randomly

  25. Sophie SAUTHIER says

    Vegan UHC: You can't kill animals, or throw eggs, or drink milk. Also there are cave spiders everywhere, tons of reeds just to be mean and if you do kill an animal, you will instantly die of sadness

    (Also players won't know that, they will just know it's "vegan")

  26. Aiodensghost says


  27. Gabriela Castro says

    UHC Idea: I want another one like MIDAS injury that was fun and Chaotic do another one pls You are the best youtuber.

  28. Lisa Luber says

    Minecraft UHC but every time you hit someone they get teleported somewhere random

  29. Whydoi Forgot says

    2:57 He was making solar system

  30. Slimpy says

    Minecraft UHC, but there is bedrock armor

  31. StefTheIta14 ! says

    Hey can u do pg3d again?

  32. Mr. Fuck says

    UHC idea: Everyone starts with one heart, kills people to gain hearts. One kill = one heart (third time commenting this)

  33. Mark Garza says

    Minecraft UHC but a block disappears every 10 seconds

  34. Tibor Lóczy says

    UHC idea: the lover ur hp is the more speed and dmg u deal

  35. Lacitis says

    Anyone else wondering why the new video got removed?

  36. Avoiding Cord says

    Im eating cereal

  37. Dendhy Fahrezi says

    i like this

  38. Eduard Peeter Lemming says

    Minecraft uhc, but mining emeralds is useful

  39. imswervv says

    I miss Skywars.

  40. Nash Galaxy says

    UHC idea: every time you get hit by a player you invert.

  41. Attackofthetroy says

    Congrats on a mil!

  42. Kxng Jav says

    Hey tapL can u do something new for onceeeee I got a idea do a hide or hunt series plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that would be sooo much funnnn a guy named crazysteve does it I recommend checking it out!!!

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