1. india India says


  2. Vigneswari Odina 82 says

    That's why it's better for low lifes not to get married. There will be too many low lifes like these roaming around the streets

  3. Benny One says

    And the cunts watching deserve the same

  4. Benny One says

    They fucking deserve there privates chopped off

  5. Snoopy Marie says

    Off with their heads

  6. Zuck is watching says

    i´m fucking disgusted and i´m so fucking pissed too you just wanna fucking shoke the boys to death rip their fucking skin off let them burn to death fucking kill them how the fuck could they do that to the girl there was so fucking many boys too like wasn´t any of those boys on her side like no one tried to help, those fucking peices of shit just stood there fucking watching they´re all going to fucking hell when they die and they gonna die soon too i´m gonna fucking find them and i´m gonna make their deaths look like an fucking accident

  7. AHK SAUDI ARABIA Ansari says

    RSS gunde

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