1. Trini2decore Arvado says

    Is that cocorete? Its funny those trini dogs appears from nowhere, I think they can smell food. Your kids will remember and treasure those moments with you for life it's a long life experience .Great spread of land .. lovely video

  2. Maria Telemaque says

    I raelly enjoy watching your videos. What i admire most is the quality time spent with the kids. Father's out there plzzzzzzz take pattern.

  3. Brandon Joseph says

    What is the average cost of a piece of land that size? I'm from the city but it's my dream to purchase a nice piece of property in the bush somewhere and plant it up nice like that.

  4. Trini Weekes says

    you are in paradise there bro, great video

  5. Blazing Jay's Fishing says

    I ain't lie but love how you training adventure baby real best, keep the family yourself safe bro.

  6. salif trilok says


  7. salif trilok says

    yuh cud make ah pond deh boi wid some tilapia

  8. salif trilok says

    nice yard boi

  9. Dain Sookdeo says

    Yea man you have it plan out the back they look like it have plenty wild meatyou will make it true.

  10. salif trilok says

    wha gwan,is ah gud look bredda hello to d adventure baby,stay safe

  11. zednice2010 says

    Always a pleasure Bush Man and adventure girl. Stay healthy!! 🇹🇹🇬🇧

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