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Travel video about destination Myanmar.
Myanmar is a land of golden pagodas in which rivers, paddy fields and Buddhism dominate the lives of this country’s people who are made up of a variety of ethnic groups. But behind the bamboo curtain is a sleepy fairy tale land.Yangon is a river city and the capital of Myanmar. It is surrounded by India, China, Laos and Thailand. Few cities in Asia boast such a fascinating mêlée of tribes and cultures. A tranquil harmony of churches, pagodas, Hindu temples and mosques. The Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda contains one of the largest prone Buddha statues in the world. Its length makes up for its lack of artistry as it is seventy metres long! The Shan State Express is a sonorous name for a unique train that travels to the north of Myanmar and to the legendary kingdom of the Shan. The railroad travels in a zigzag up the mountains which enables it to negotiate severe slopes that would otherwise be impossible for it to climb vertically. It provides a fascinating insight into the culture and everyday life of the Shan people. The city of Pyin U Lwin, that is also known as Meymo, was once a British military base. Even today the city still has a certain air of nostalgia and passengers are offered various refreshments as the train journey normally takes more than twelve hours. Ox carts transport visitors to one of the most interesting buildings in Mingun, the Mingun Pagoda. It was designed to be the world’s largest pagoda. Huge numbers of workers built this seventy two metre wide and fifty metre high building. Bagan is the country’s ancient capital city. Prior to visiting the largest area of Buddhist ruins in the world visitors can enjoy both traditional puppet shows and dance. Classical myth and legend make up this theatrical treat of which each puppeteer is responsible for up to sixty strings. Any journey through Myanmar is a journey into the past and to a hidden world of dreams and mystique. This gateway to paradise is slowly opening up and revealing a splendid land of bygone times!

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    Thank you so much!

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    WOWWWWWW !!!

  5. Ashish Nimsarkar says

    Excellent high quality documentary with detailed information about various places. The commentator was superb and the background music was very melodious. Your documentary heightened my interest to visit Myanmar. After the pandemic, I will definitely visit Myanmar.
    With regards from India

  6. joel goode says

    An absolutely A+ presentation. Many Thanks !!

  7. George Win says

    Please visit Myanmar. It is a very beautiful and peaceful country. People are very kind and friendly. It comes from their hearts. The United Nations has been unfairly treating Myanmar in a very heavy-handed way with regards to Rohingya issues. And the people in the world are getting the wrong impressions about Myanmar. The UN has relied mainly on the oral histories of the Rohingya people without concrete evidence, and labelled the event as “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide”. The UN’s accusation was very strong and harsh and it is far from reality. Former UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan had rejected the genocide claim and through his report on The Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, which he chaired, including three international experts and 6 locals. The Commission’s final report was endorsed by all fifteen members of the UN Security Council in October 2017. Also, while the UN has investigated the Rohingya issue vigorously, they have swept away the other issue that had happened on the 29 September 2012 in Bangladesh. On the 29 September 2012, hundreds of Myanmar people who were living in Bangladesh for centuries were raped, killed, including babies, their houses burnt down, Buddhist monasteries were torched and were driven out of Bangladesh. Many Rohingya people from Rakhine went to Bangladesh and helped to kill as many Myanmar people as they can. It was in the Bangladesh newspapers. The event was planned systematically and some witnesses say that they have seen the local politicians amongst the many truckloads of people that came to destroy and killed Myanmar people. It was a premeditated and well organised event. More Myanmar people may have died in that event than the Rohingyas who had fled Myanmar recently. After that horrendous death of many Myanmar people in Bangladesh in 2012, the Myanmar government had accepted over 300,000 Myanmar refugees officially. Unofficially, hundreds and thousands of Myanmar people fled and crossed into Myanmar. Up until now, there is no voice from the UN about the 2012 event, but just silence. There were no known proper investigations by the UN and doesn’t seem to be interested in doing one. Why is it so? Out of interest, Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussen was the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights until 2018. The UN has gone through the world-wide media campaigns against Myanmar and all sort of sanctions were imposed. Also, the world media and the UN are forcing Myanmar to accept the Rohingya people as an ethnic group of Myanmar. If you contemplate from the Myanmar side, it seems to be a very hard thing to accept them as one of their own ethnic group. The so called Rohingyas look the same as the people from Bangladesh. They speak the same Bengali language (maybe with a little bit of variation in some cases) and have the same culture and religion. It is hard to believe that just by crossing a little dry river into Myanmar, one could turned into a Rohingya instantly from an original Bangladeshi. It is like a group of Myanmar people crossing into Bangladesh and calling themselves as “Mohinga” people, claimed to be one of the ethnic groups of Bangladesh, and demand an autonomous Buddhist region for all of the southern part of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh would never accept that. Similarly, the Myanmar people would not be able to accept the Rohingya as one of their own ethnicity. It is like calling a Ford a Mustang. Does that mean it is not a Ford anymore? If DNA testings were carried out, the DNA of Rohingyas would match perfectly with that of the Bangladeshis. The UN has been pursuing the Muslim minority issue vigorously, accusing Myanmar of ethnic cleansing. But in contrast, it is not the same treatment for Myanmar people who had suffered atrocities and ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh in 2012. As far as UN is involved, so far, there isn’t any mention on the event of 2012 where many Myanmar people have died, let alone any criticism on Bangladesh. UN has never interviewed the local people in Rakhine, on how they have lived in fear of these so called Rohingya people for centuries, who were cruel, unkind, beheading locals and have no compassion towards non- Muslims. The UN’s attitude has been very unkind to Myanmar and it looks like it is so easy to bully a very poor country like Myanmar and yet turn a blind eye on what Bangladesh had done to the Myanmar people in 2012. It is so unfair and unkind. UN should also investigate on what Bangladesh has done to Myanmar people in 2012 – genocide and ethnic cleansing. The recent event of Rohingyas fleeing Myanmar started with the 5 Muslim men brutally gang-raped a young Burmese girl and mutilated her body afterwards. The local people saw this and couldn't take it anymore. And then the Muslim ARSA terrorist group attacked the police outposts and hacked people brutally with machetes to behead them. Myanmar side couldn’t take the aggression anymore and that’s how all these things started. It is a grass root level clashes and a localised grass root response. The reality in Rakhine state in Myanmar was that, at the grass root level, the local Myanmar people are being raped, killed and had lived in fear of these people for centuries. The way these people kill the local people were always by beheading or slitting the throats. It reminds one of the similar tactics used by other terrorists groups. It also hints their sentimental links to extreme terrorists groups, although they wouldn’t admit it. However, setting aside all these things, in difficult times like these, we should be showing our love and kindness towards each other, instead of spreading hatred, as hatred will never cease through hatred, but only through love and understanding alone they will cease. Myanmar is ready to take back the Muslims who fled across, but they wouldn’t want to come back, as most of them are those who crossed into Myanmar border illegally (the border is a dry river about 15 meters wide in summer). Please visit Myanmar and find out about the truth on how beautiful the country is and how kind the people are. There you will find a lot of mosques close to churches and pagodas, existing in harmony. In times of crises, the Buddhist monasteries are the places where the Muslims go for protection and food. The monks feed them and protect them. You will also see a lot of Muslims and Indians walking about in the streets and doing businesses. You will recognise them by the way they dress. You can see them living together in harmony. If you boycott Myanmar, the only people who will suffer are the innocent people who rely on tourism. Please visit Myanmar and you’ll find a very beautiful country with kind and friendly people.

  8. vodanh2007 says

    reduce value because of lack of subtitles

  9. Kim Heng says

    35:17 😢

  10. Sirani Silva says

    good. vediya

  11. Hassan Sellak says

    These promoting tourism to this country are contributing to Muslim minority killing as well!!!

  12. Htun Maung says

    Thanks for video. Welcome to Myanmar. Lovely culture , beautiful country side.

  13. patriot03062 says

    Thank you for the Journey

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    That voice is buttery with a crisp finish..

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    nice pro video production…many thanks from Australia…Saadu, saadu, saadu !!

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    Great country. SecondBirth place of Dhamma

  17. Discharge Summary says

    Narrator is terrible

  18. Christopher Buckley says

    You have a great video series. I have been enjoying these views of the world and planning my next adventure!

  19. Jasen Nottellingyou says

    Every female who was born in Myanmar past present or future in our reality or who traveled to Myanmar past present or future in our reality has zillions of clones of themselves in alternate realities who go their entire lives from birth to death and beyond without wearing sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes or trainers ever (their alternate reality clones never wore sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes or trainers ever and their alt reality clones will never wear sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes or trainers ever) .In those realities the only types of shoes that their clones wear are high heels, flip flops and sandals. I am serious Many Worlds Interpretation.

    In our reality in 5000 years, nobody on earth will own or wear sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes or trainers ever since those type of shoes will be a relic of the past by then

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    How am I supposed to know how to write the names

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    God bless myanmmar From philippines im catholic

  22. Rocio A.V. says

    Nice documentary, Myanmar is a exotic and beautiful country.

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  24. Bk Biswas says

    Now a days peoples around the world hate Myanmar for its cruelty and genocide rohinga people in Rakhain state.

  25. NERE NEREE says

    terrorist budha country kill childeren womans and baby's in ARAKAN. They dont have heart. Like animal

  26. CSLH 1572 says

    Why Myanmar people still in poor and undevelopment , while military leaders and thier colleague wealth and rich in capital city, military leader earn money from oil&gas business with China and Thailand , but all income have paid for weapon ,what about Myanmar people , they stiil in poor , infrastructure and telecomunication still not enough and limit only big city.

  27. Abhishek Maurya says

    Long Live Myanmar!

  28. Shine Nanda Aung says

    I love my country I miss my country so much

  29. P T says

    Been there. I recommend it.

  30. Father Fred says

    Peace, prosperity & long live to all beautiful people of Burma.
    Google 'Long-Live Indochina/China Daily' for truth on this wonderful but tragic nation.

  31. rumvodkaf1 says

    Is everything in Myanmar a temple or a pagoda?

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    It beautifull places love it the foods and every one look very happy thank you for your video .

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    there's dog everywhere in Myanmar 🐕🐶🐩🐈
    I begin to love this country!

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    Well made and quite thorough. Thank you! Getting ready for my trip this year.

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    Super film. Już niedługo we większości miejsc będziemy?

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    hello mr….. buddha was born in nepal not in india……ok?……research again where was buddha born?

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    Worth seeing the land of golden pagodas.

  38. EYEball says

    A land of Buddist terrors……One of the deadliest country in the world….

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    so poor. if you bring 1000 dollars, you will get more than million burmese kyat..

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