1. Anwar Fortune says

    Do they still got catch blocks

  2. Bumble BeeYaj says

    Nice intro song, tired of those mumble rappers

  3. papillon melsiade says

    I bet the guy that was trash was a 2k player

  4. Warrick James says

    greatest basketball court i've ever seen in a video game. Live is a confirmed BUY this year. 2k gotta do some work… but i think Live got it on lock this year.

  5. Jarvis Austin says

    NHL 19 also shares your network connection with you.

  6. The Chi-Town Hero says

    It’s obviously these people playing don’t care about the game, it’s not like they actually care about the game they are just showing it off and based on how boring he game looks it looks like the people playing are just trying to get through for the video.

  7. The Chi-Town Hero says

    It’s looks boring asf, on offense there is little movement and the paint is always clogged like 18, builds are still trash and there once again isn’t a skill gap which ruins live again.

    Unfortunately 2K is the wave again

  8. enterbenz says

    Live is getting it there but those defense icon and those line thing is whack. Shot meter too need to lessen this icons.

  9. Lamonta Hagan says

    Intro song?

  10. JWiLLfoReaL says

    the passing is fluid now. Also the way the ball is moving through the air. Just like that 2k game.

  11. RayIsrael says

    Yep that court Nasty thanks for vid Bro

  12. Anthony says

    More face scans and animations will be there in the final version just like last year. Plus the more you upgrade your player the more animations you get. Block cheese looks like its still there for the CPU. Idk i don't really mind it for the players because Wing Scorers would be unstoppable otherwise but the CPUs interior defense is almost impenetrable. And like i said before, a light contest can make you miss an easy layup. last comment lol

  13. Anthony says

    They shrunk the Rio de Ginero court for 3s too. So we don't have to play on the same court over and over.

  14. Anthony says

    They still have to find that balance with the layups tho. There's no reason for these players to miss those lightly contested layups so frequently.

  15. Anthony says

    They fixed the camera too. Love it

  16. Tory Smith says

    Sound similar to Embiid
    I been wanting to say that for awhile but finally did it today. Love the channel

  17. Raylan Knight says

    I was hoping live was going to be good i was going to buy both but nope glad I pre-order 2k19 I dont give a shit girls are in the game

  18. Rashad McDuffie says

    Great video. On the last play, It looks as if the player attempted to zigzagging his way to an open shot or layup, and realized it wasn’t working as Rebecca Taurasi followed him across the 3pt line.

  19. Bryan oppong says


  20. MBLB Flo says

    Will the real
    Pro am only be 2min quarters or is this the case for the demo

  21. NBA LIVE OG says

    I'm still watching it.it's a 1hr and twenty minute game play of the one to the League it's showing everything in it wow

  22. Bryan oppong says


  23. NBA LIVE OG says

    We now back in business EA 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪

  24. Mr. Iveroni says

    Rpm feels so good on hockey bro but u right it moves to fast on the beta

  25. Ba Hashem Yeshua says

    Holy shit!

  26. Justin Alba says

    Gameplay still needs tons of work but the courts looks crazy good and the camera angle is better compared to last year

  27. Matt_shoots dw4 says

    Name of song

  28. Luciouse Carter says

    I notice the jump ball go different ways now, but this new player motions gave the game play a huge boost.

  29. TicoisTocory says

    That Bone Tho! Love the music

  30. Petwayboy says

    I just want to see a chasedown block.

  31. Josh Freeman says

    One thing I noticed is the camera. U can finally see the whole court no blind spots

  32. Mr. Iveroni says

    They don't know how to play this game bro 2k players terrible at this game lol

  33. AntiSocial SocialClubJay says

    Nice vid

  34. Simply Seth says

    Nba live just went to my side bitch to my main bitch fuck 2k

  35. Lil Dagga says

    Quick question will fouls be incorporated in the streets? Tired of steal spammers

  36. NoWifi Gaming says

    Court looks fire

  37. Roman King says

    Is this the results of Real Player Motion on NBA Live 19. If so, I am amazed. The motion is so much better! #NBALiveHype

  38. Cordarin McAllister says

    Thug devotion… Man oh man.

  39. Malik Wayne says

    Great video, live is going to be fire this year

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