1. Dolores Huntoon says

    No news is good news.

  2. Michael J. Richard says


  3. MadameSomnambule says

    Broadcasted in color, seems like this is either from a black and white negative or the color got lost over time. Still, this is pretty interesting to see. My mom was five years old back then. I guess this was before NBC Nightly News was a thing.

  4. Pople BackyardFarm says

    it is interesting to see these old newsreels.

  5. Janna Watson says


  6. Greg Struss says

    Mr. Huntley must have retired shortly after this?

  7. Alan Katzer says

    The final Huntley-Brinkley Report . On August 1, 1970, NBC Nightly News took over.

  8. Wilbur McCallah says

    The peace plan for the middle-east didn't work out too well.

  9. Christopher Sobieniak says

    I'd rather they learn to accept their minority status in the end.

  10. ISamuelII says

    You want to talk about the "ignorant of prophecy"? That would be ANY jew that says israel is a god given gift. The jews own prophecies about the end to their exile have never happened anywhere. I have asked many online to show me any of those jewish prophecies being fulfilled with the sound of crickets in reply, or juvenile attempted insults in reply. Are you another silent one or insult machine?

  11. Erik Stone says

    In This Clip, From 0:00 To 0:42, It Was NBC News' The Huntley-Brinkley Report Video Open From Friday Evening, July 31, 1970.

  12. dynaco says

    @decoffinated I don't believe in magic.
    When Israel joined the UN it agreed to abide by the UN charter. Israel declared in it's application to join the UN that it's borders were those specified in the UN Partition Plan. It also declared the same in official correspondence with the US in 1949. This is Israel's darkest dirtiest secret, not that Israel hasn't ever declared it's borders, but that it did so in 1948 and 1949 and has NEVER legally annexed any territory outside those borders.

  13. dcbandnerd says

    The last Huntley-Brinkley Report….wow.

  14. dynaco says

    Forty-one years after Israel claims to have accepted UN 242 we're still waiting for them to get the hell out of Palestine. Now with 500,000 settlers installed the emergence of a Palestinian state is all but impossible – meaning the final outcome will be a single state (which exists in de-facto today) with equal rights for all – and one in which Israeli jews will be a minority. Israel's great gamble of 1967 (to control 100% of mandate Palestine instead of 78%) is about to be lost altogether.

  15. altfactor says

    @wmbrown6 The light blue background color allowed for graphics to be "keyed" behind the commentators.

    Today, green is considered a better color for "keying" background graphics.

  16. irish89055 says

    let's see.. how many days to the bastards blew up those airliners in Jordan.. and have been a thorn in our side ever since… actuallly since they killed Bobby.. this should be in color

  17. Barry I. Grauman says

    Frank McGee also served as a third co-anchor during the first year of "NBC NIGHTLY NEWS"; however, no more than two anchors appeared each evening, with McGee and Chancellor usually rotating the New York segments, while Brinkley continued to appear from Washington. By the way, 'damron,' have you forgotten Vice President Spiro Agnew's November 1969 speech [written for him by Pat Buchanan] accusing the networks of "biased reporting" on their nightly newscasts? {that is, being "anti-Nixon"}

  18. wmbrown6 says

    Sure was. The color version of this final "Huntley-Brinkley Report" is in the archives of New York's Paley Center for Media (I've seen it quite a few times; the background color over both H & B was light cyan blue). The announcer, of course, is Bill Hanrahan.

  19. bhayes06 says

    Is this from Chet Huntley's last newscast on NBC?

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