1. shineexogeneration says

    this is really nice but i wish it'd show the dress rather than the faces for the most part

  2. james banjong says

    model they dont know how to walk

  3. james banjong says

    what kind of Fashion want see designer

  4. 456inthemix says

    some dresses are like curtain

  5. sahar apps says

    I am 100% agree with you bro

  6. rijan koirala says

    damauli kata ko ho?

  7. sarrka noorie says

    @saka79 okay – couple of the girls were cute!! 😉

  8. sarrka noorie says

    and what in the world is this??? i bet the only thing good about this event was – the post fashion show – probably a little bit of dancing – boozing and eventually some good fights 😉 – and what is with Nepali dudes growing their hair long and straightening them?? just wondering!!

  9. lama007lama says

    is this 1980's FASHION show…fuck ..

  10. Khem Kharel-Sibcy Cline Realtors says

    Make your country strong first and do all these stuffs!!!

  11. damauli bhai says

    It's bullshit.

  12. atish limbu says

    can anyone plzz tell me the name of the model who shows up first on stage plzz lol ..she is class

  13. SUB ONN says

    model doesnt show personality

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