NEW YORK CITY | Travel Video


New York City – December 2016

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
Janji feat. TR – Milky Way Stars


Thanks for watching ❥

  1. Ben Klein Creates says

    Nice video! Loved the color grading, gorgeous shots, and editing of this one. Subbed to your channel! Would love if you checked out my New York video I just posted, any support would be appreciated! 🙌🏼

  2. Naina Jo says

    Awesome Video!

  3. Alex Molinos says

    This  video is spectacular!!! Not only the edition but the filmming are outstanding, good job. I looking forward to seing more of your job!!!

  4. seb Astian says

    Cool Video!!! Where did you rent the bikes?

  5. Louise Platell says

    Nicely edited!

  6. Mark Holtze says

    Fantastic video Jennifer! I’m in NYC withdrawal now and this little snack will tide me over!

  7. Jiri Vacek says

    Nice one ! 🙂

  8. Nicole Ann says

    0:25 I always see videos of steaming potholes in New York videos… what’s the reference behind that? Sorry 😂😂 unless the significance was the New York Taxi lol

  9. La Yes Girl says

    I can’t wait to visit this city!!!

  10. Tatiana Kimberley says

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH!!!(i hit suscribe like 5 seconds in😂

  11. mirjam says

    this makes me wanna go back to NY so bad! 🙂

  12. William Engelman says

    Great Video!

  13. Loz's Leisure says

    SUCH a satisfying video to watch. Maaaan I need to get back to NY!

  14. Natalee Rivera says

    The edit is wonderful I’m literally dying ; subbed !

  15. Rachel Yoo says

    Ahh – makes me miss new york that much more! Love your vid 🙂

  16. Olivia Hollens says

    Wow your editing, your vids is all on point!

  17. witchorking says

    Wow! This was amazing, I love the way you edit. I'm going back to NYC in two weeks and this video made me even more excited, haha. Perfect job!!

  18. Angela Williams says

    Awesome video! Subscribed! #gltlove

  19. Holli + Huckleberry says

    New York in Christmas time <3 ahh the magic. You've captured it nicely. Great work fellow GLTer!

  20. Frida Zackrisson says

    Nice video! Love the transitions!! 🙂

  21. Traveling To says

    Cool nice editing ! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  22. PARSL3Y says

    I can't wait to see more of your content to come! 😃

  23. Luiz K I Filmmaker says

    So awesome!
    So many good shots and awesome editing with the zoom transitions, Luma fades etc.
    You deserve more views and subs. Subscribed to you 🙂

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