1. Rol Over says

    Hahaha love the video thanks for sharing

  2. UnfuckableLoser says

    LOL. Thanks for the translation!

  3. Karina Morga says

    Ala demanda ala demanda lmao

  4. Faint:((( says

    She was the wind very funny

  5. alex w says

    she: bueno en cuanto a la demanda y a la demanda… pum
    me: hahahahahahaha

  6. rafael loera says

    well learn spanish and youll find out

  7. FrankieUtka says

    She looks very sick… & ik when ppl are sick like that….

  8. James Comer says

    what dose bloogbal boggity bllepa aaah mean? That's all I understood.

  9. Burnt Glory says

    The guy sounds like quagmire.

  10. emeil lee says

    wow looks lke she dint get enough sleep lol

  11. MrTurn1 says

    Those are my magical powers in action… Slleeeeeeeeep….

  12. JaySonOfAnarchy1 says

    i bet she was wasted

  13. Waterloo S says


  14. chernovid says

    Massiel Zavala

  15. Alfredo Albaladejo says

    A la demanda… A la demanda… *puff* Hahahaha

  16. HTK30 says


  17. iXTwistyXi says


  18. TheViolentTeddy says


  19. Paul Guthro says


  20. Steven Lopez Rios says

    ala demand y ala demanda

  21. Patrick H says

    Why are people saying she's anorexic? She's nervous. Love how her eyes just roll to the back of her head and she continues talking while falling. Fair play to her!

  22. Jacob Bodiker says

    Who the fuck uses "PLAF" as a falling sound effect?

  23. Keely Bailey says

    LMFAO her face is priceless!!!!

  24. Pablo Hernandez says

    and after she faints they play the dramatic music lol

  25. MellowChords says

    Drugs. You`re mixing them wrong.

  26. UnSubRocky says

    She gave blood twice in one day to two different blood banks.

  27. lerch25 says

    i would bet she's anorexic.

  28. Globe255 says

    The reason why some people faint is in many cases because they havent had enough to drink and maybe eat too so their blood sugar is too low.

  29. MrHinchapelotas says

    @michael8124 "No one in this world, so far as I know has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people." H. L. Mencken, "Notes on Journalism"

  30. Vlad500 says

    What is the name of the femme who fainted?

  31. oldsoul89 says

    @Slanguaj that's just stupid.

  32. Krusteriffic says

    Press "4" every three seconds for the most awesome beat ever.

  33. Vasilis Kamtsis says

    can't stop laughing! hilarious!

  34. jose30076 says

    a la demanda y a la demandaaaaa ….

  35. goe5 says

    she's beautiful

  36. Arjun Lucknauth says

    you guys are a fool.. it aint a health problem.. she is very clever..she didnt had an answer ..so she pretend to faint.. 😛 she is a lawyer for * censored* sake 😛

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