News Now: US warns Philippines on China, says treaty obligations 'clear, real'


Beijing has build massive structures on reefs claimed by the Philippines in the waterway, where $5 trillion worth of trade passes annually. The construction proceeded despite Manila’s win before a United Nation’s-backed arbitration court.

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  1. Gods time Julius says

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  2. marycris joy vistal says

    Philippines cannot be attached

  3. dan europe says

    obama is the culprit why the US lost some reliabity in asia..

  4. Reynaldo Daag says

    ç. c

  5. Mareha Carpio says


  6. D K says

    Philippines a province of China…

  7. Nestor jr Ducut says

    Kasi naman halata kayo.. Ano hihintayin nyo iabot sa inyo ng CCP ang isla.. E hindi nga nakakakilala ng batas yun.tapos isinisiksik nyo pa ang bansa sa katarantaduhan nila. Tapos sa america hinahayaan nyo makipag gordian sa china.. Ano pag nagkataon hahantayin nyo din iabot ang isla. Ni wala nga tayong ginagawang tugon. Kundi magreklamo lang.

  8. Iceferd Cooler says

    I think our government should ban China from the Philippines not totally ban but just limit Chinese influence. Many people are scammed here because of China.

  9. Libby Mackie says

    China is not helping, China is grabbing that is not theirs. China's Building of their own Military Bases is not a 'help" but trying to control the Philippines.

  10. #anand Kasar says

    India is always with you Philippines
    People and democracy with you.

  11. femie juarbal says

    Atsaka America at Europe. Lahi ni Japhit Segurista na cla ang Human Rights Mamamatay Tao. d Great Devil. cla mga yan. Buksan nyo Common Sence. ung nkatayo Estatuwa duon sa NewYork may kunyari Corona. . Yan po ang D great City ng Lahi ni Japhit Dyan cla nag under ground.

  12. femie juarbal says

    Ano ba ngaitulong ng America sa Pinas?? Hirap tyo mkapnta skanila

  13. syed rahim says


  14. Joshua Isunza says

    We greatly support U.S.A and Philippine alliance.

  15. Nealo Arquillano says

    Thanks a lot USA!

  16. Zenie Hudson says

    Food is prepared unhygienic, China. They eat anything or any animals

  17. Zenie Hudson says

    I don't Buy "made in China."

  18. Zenie Hudson says

    Thank you US. God bless you all.

  19. Juan Carlo says

    ito talaga c locsin,dilawan ang galaw nito..nagkakatensyon pa nga s WPS, binuksan ang usaping sabah..,imbestigahan mo muna ung nangyari g leak jan sa DFA..andami mong dapat linisin jan.Yong ke del rosario issue..,patungkol s WPS. Diversionary tactics ba ang ginagawa mo?

  20. Brads Feet says

    They should also deport all Chinese without Residents Permit out of the Philippines.

  21. 3D Printwiz says

    Too late, our leader has sold his soul to the dragon.

  22. jdelaguardia09 says

    PH must tread carefully. US is no.1 trade partner, and 2nd is China.

  23. Charles Dizon says

    Sa pilipinas den kumukuha ng lupa yan para mapatayu mga structure ng China, magulo, baket anu ba problema

  24. sonia valdez says

    Is always safe to be involve in the Country with freedom,,Democracy juridical law system is functioning,,Freedom of speech,,,

  25. Zenaida Almira says

    Mga kabayan nag iingat lng ang ating Pangulo ayaw nyang may mang yari sa atin..kya gusto ng Pangulo ung sigurado tau sa Gagawin…

  26. Alberto De joya says

    The Philippines must give open negotiation with China, to maintain ☮️ peaceful result's,,,not to sacrifice sovereignty

  27. Inocencio Intino says

    Yon pala e bakit pa tayo matatakot america na ang nagsalita.

  28. lakwatsera lakwatsero says

    Sana mag impose din law na no foreigners payagan mg dig up ng nakabaon na treasures sa atin lupain at mg explore under water caves

  29. Etienne Bisset says

    Mr. Teddy Locsin used to work with ABS-CBN but still chose to serve in the cabinet of Pres. Duterte.
    This means he is agrees that ABS-CBN has violated the mandate to be apolitical. ABS-CBN has
    always shown in the past that they are political, favored their political candidate and discriminate their
    opponent. All violations and abuse of fair media practice and therefore just deserve their current fate.

  30. Rey Alba says


  31. Kpop Hallyu Star says
  32. G B says

    I am pro American. I don’t trust Chinese Government. I don’t want my country to turn into Communism. My Faith & my Freedom are the 2most important issues in my life . It is only America truly respect that.

  33. G B says

    I ‘m not a fun of made in China products& I stop eating in any Chinese restaurant more than a couple of years ago.

  34. Zachary Zingapab says

    Xi jingping wat r u doing invade Taiwan now to annex it. U will wln,. U will succeed.

  35. gilbert noel says

    Kababayan it's time to let all china people must go out in Philippines

  36. Ledy Espinosa says

    Philippines is a beautiful rich country but what makes it poor is because of too much corruption that went on an on and on. Other Asian countries are of course will be interested with Philippines including China because of so many natural resources.Not sure if Philippines owe money to China and I’m hoping not because if Philippines owe money to China, then no doubt in the future that China will get Philippines. Scary. China is a communist country. Let’s all pray that everything will be fix. It takes time, money, cooperation, patience, prayers for President Duterte to fix things that were already messed up long time ago. It will be very challenging and difficult.Praying for Philippines. Love all Filipinos.God bless!

  37. Angel Sumulong says

    Hope d30 is on the hardest?

  38. Georgelou Florentino says

    Why 70% of the FILIPINOS hate CHINA???


    1. China brought the Corona virus.
    2. China is bad.
    3. China is a bully.
    4. China stole Philippines’ territory.
    5. China will invade Philippines.
    6. China is our enemy.
    7. China is not good for the Philippines.

    All of these narratives from the mainstream media especially ABS-CBN and INQUIRER havoc doubts and fear in the minds of the Filipinos.

    Is China really the aggressor?

    Lets us refresh our history 500 years ago.

    China was one of our closest neighbor yet they never invaded the Philipppines.

    Other countries reached our soils invaded us as such:

    1. The Spaniards,
    2. The US and
    3. Japan.

    Vietnam was beside China but it did not invade Vietnam. The US did. Luckily China help Vietnam. Korea is near China but they did not invade Korea. But the US did.

    On the other hand, China wasba nation invaded by England and Japan. Hongkong and Taiwan were Chinese territories wrestled by England and the US respectively. In short, China has no history of invasion and grabbing territories of other nations.

    England and US are the old bullies in the planet wrecking havoc to humanity in the last 500 years under the pretense of Christianity, Democracy and lately anti-terrorism.

    Let us further refresh our minds 30 years ago.

    All invasions that happened in the Middle East does not involve China. It was US and England who kept invading oil rich country in the pretense of democracy and anti-terrorism.

    If you are a police officer and you want to apprehend a criminal who kept invading other countries with rich natural resources, England and US will be the primary suspects. Not China.

    So why do we hate China?

    Because they grabbed the islands in West Philippine Sea! Thats the most likely answer. Senator Enrile already blew the whistle when Trillanes and P'Noy secretly sold those island to China.

    China even bought land fills from Philippines! But the Philippine main stream media was silent.

    Thier bosses are sleeping with the enemy. The case filed in ICC international arbitration was nothing but a face saving act. Only then when Mayor Duterte came that the Yellow Cults started hating China. And conveniently blame Mayor Duterte for what they did.

    Still we hate China for buying that islands from P'Noy and Trillanes. But the main question is:

    1. Why did China put up a military base in the middle of South China Sea or West Philippines Sea?
    2. Why did they have to buy it from P'Noy and Trillanes just to put up that military base?

    If they really want to invade the Philippines?

    3. Why did they not do it when they are very capable of doing so?

    The answer is simple:

    First: China is protecting the South China Sea from bad guys with bad intentions. If that south china sea suddenly become a nest of pirates and terrorists. Their world trade will be compromised. Its no secret the US was the one who armed, trained and deploy ISIS in the Middle East as an excuse to attack oil rich countries. Its also no secret that the US is not happy that China is now a super power and most productive industrial country in the world.

    Second: China knew that American submarines armed with nuclear warheads are swimming under the South China Sea. It can strike China anytime without warning if the US wants to. China needs those islands to be their first line of defense from American agression. This was clarified by no less than our retired Philippine Chief of Staff.

    China is not interested in invading Philippines. China is more interested in protecting their new prosperous nation from US bullying. In fact, there are evidences circulating in the internet that Corona Virus was actually a biological attack weapon against China. But China was silent. They suffered and dealt with the problem on thier own while the world taunts, laughed, rediculed and smirred the troubled China.

    When Mayor Duterte came to power, the CIA financed ISIS ready to make Philippines their home base and wreck havoc in South East Asia.

    American servicemen who entered our country were caught selling arms to terrorists in Mindanao but was downplayed by P'Noy and the biased main stream media minions.

    Bohol siege and Marawi siege was supposedly the baptism of fire of those local ISIS. Unfortunately for them, PRRD being a brilliant strategist declared martial law and was able to prevent reinforcements of the enemies. We tried to buy small arms from the US during Marawi siege. But the US denied us. So Russia gave us 20 thousand AKs and 1 miilion rounds of bullets. Our brave soldiers wiped them out without mercy. If it was P'Noys time, Visayas and Mindanao would have become like Syria.

    Sad to note that the US denied selling us the armalites and carbines we need in those dire times. Why? Maybe because they want ISIS to succeed? And Russia's Vlademir Putin was the hero of the day.

    Still, we hate China. Its okay. Its a fact that the mainland Chinese culture is truly not suited to our taste. They are somehow still unrefined unlike our western idols. On the other hand, we are all born and groomed to love the Europeans and the Americans.

    But should China and US go to war, we have no business taking sides. Our business is to help our very own country. And to know who our real friends and our real enemies, the Filipino oligarchy is our entrenched enemy.


  39. Miss Tery says

    What happened to China. It's always been the Phil friend. A lot of pinoys have Chinese blood. But it felt like Phil is already a province of China. Pray for the conversation of China.

  40. Mike Johnston says

    Leta get this war with China started. Before they get stronger

  41. son seung yeun says

    China have always hidden agenda

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