Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Brawl at New York Fashion Week Event


The simmering feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B exploded during the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS fashion week party over the weekend, leaving the “Bodak Yellow” singer with a ripped gown, a missing shoe and a bump on her forehead. It all began when Minaj stepped on the train of her rival’s extravagant Dolce and Gabbana gown while posing for a picture with other celebrities.

  1. Thommy Garcia says

    ha ha ha pues que mas le quedaba que decir eso en los premios , y el putazo quien se lo quito .???? pero aunque en ningún momento se ve que nicki si quiera este cercas , creo que en realidad se lo dio la misma gente de seguridad al intentar agarrarla y por que vergas siempre avienta sus putos zapatos baratos , no sabe hacer otra cosa, aquí se nota de donde viene cada una , si nicki hubiera tenido la oportunidad de darle ..ufffff… le hubiera quedado esa bolita, la hubiera dejado sin cara yo creo , un favor le hubiera hecho…! ha ha

  2. Karmin Hemraj says

    What was their feud about!?

  3. claudia gomez says

    Nicki Minaj and cardi b needs to be friends or bff because I have a friend me and her fit put we say sorry so I think that nicki say sorry to cardi and cardi say sorry to nicki then y'all bff 👩‍❤️‍👩 that means y'all love each other as a BFF or friend

  4. Danyelle Haskel says

    If you say Nikki is better than Cardi then you don't have a WAP and your still a virgin

  5. Hadief Hadief says

    Nicki The history the best female rapper of all time

    .not gonna lie but all female rapper now is got inspired by nicki to become female rapper chek out about all female rapper interview. All of them talk about how they inspired by Nicki to became female rapper period

  6. Karl Kizzam says

    Got the wots up haha cardi trash always trying to fight when security around no class

  7. Mr West says


  8. Kids Baker says

    Look cardi is way better than niki imfao

  9. Owl City says

    Cardi B is inappropriate

  10. Owl City says

    80s is better

  11. DahDaniel Dude HQ says

    Nicki minaj is better it’s not a opion it’s a fact

  12. never more says

    Wait so did Nikki even talk about her kid at all?

  13. Alexa Goofy says

    I knew there would be some
    ✨t e a✨ between them

  14. Bradlee says

    lmfao instead of cardi fact checking it what nicki said was true she was childish 🥱 that’s why no one likes her, she’s childish, doesn’t write her own lyrics, and has no flow.

  15. leialohalee says

    How dare Nikki talk trash about a kid

  16. Ynw Lin says

    Well there friends now so yep

  17. Lilace#Alexandra Ramirez says

    Ew cardi B

  18. cecilia c says

    This is just stupid there just acting amateur

  19. cecilia c says

    When I was little I thought Cardi B and Nikki Manaj where twins

  20. blossom says

    I like both nicky and Cardi but like nicky was very mean and solty

  21. Whitney Tolbert says


  22. Queen Sauhyer says

    If u weren't Cardi of Nicki u will be lucky coz u won't get hurt

  23. Bshs Shhz says

    Moi je dis franchement Nicki Minaj dimanche à moi je préfère cardi b au moins elle elle a pas fait de faut fesse ni de faut sein Cardi B elle elle est naturelle

  24. kylie haqqu says

    ahaha know nikki pregnant would she love anyone talk about her child cardi everyday i love bought of them

  25. Jodie Porche says

    Yeah should not do that just be friends

  26. NinjaNumber15 says

    cardi is black and half hispanic

  27. Victoria Torres says

    But tbh that rude to be talking about someone else baby like niki was being rude about that why did she do that like really why if she knew that was rude

  28. LaVista Anthony says

    Get along

  29. 10k likes without any vids challenge says

    Im supporting Cardi if someone would tell f**ked up s**t about my kid (if i had one) i would have gotten charged with murder 2 mins later (fact)

  30. Cholo Garcia says

    Its hard to believe because nicki is my idol and i know that nicki minaj love childrens a lot

  31. KITTY QUEEN says

    Nicki is poooooop

  32. KITTY QUEEN says


  33. Taylor Jones says

    Like why would niki say that im on cardi's side You litterally hurt cardi and ripped her dress

  34. Cassandra Isabelle Cariaga says

    kkkkkkkkkkk niki and carli b

  35. deborah pachuau says

    Cardi and 'throwing shoes' really hit it off😂😂😂😂😂

  36. infiresos ‵‵ says

    This is yalls idol?

  37. YT Jaylen says

    I feel like cardi would not just do that out of no we’re 🤟🏾

  38. Michelle Marmolejo says


  39. yalda delpazir says

    nicki ❤️

  40. Keira Mca says

    Cardi is such a good mother. Defending her kid. She is such a good mum.

  41. Angel Sosa says

    Escorts will be escorts

  42. Ricardo Sanabria says

    I like Nicki more

  43. Milena Salmeron says

    No one can say anything about her baby. But she publicly insulted Candace Owens' baby? Hypocrite.

  44. lalah asmr b says

    I know im big fan of cardi and nicki but they dont like other

  45. Ethan Hoff says

    Two classy women…

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