No Microphone Gameplay and Relaxing Music


7k Twitch viewers laughing and now YouTube viewers laughing.

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Outro Song: Wiguez – Nine Roses

#RATIRL #StreamHighlights

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  1. Mr. bluesky says

    is only me who can hear all the things he type in chat

  2. Ammad Sikander says

    Video title should RatIRL baiting his team to get kills hahah

  3. Hygios says

    LUNARY CHAP conceding LPs to make this blitz sink

  4. GosTGamesss L.O.D says

    Oo c'est chap le kha !

  5. Doctor_Douch says

    Perfect video to catch zzZZX

  6. MrTheKingOf67 says


  7. Jonathan De Quartel says

    6:30 clutch shield by janna there

  8. ggachet says

    LUNARY CHAP undercover

  9. Fred Jamie says

    Team chap

  10. Jacob Hellner says

    No ”UNLEASH IT” 😔😔

  11. Jacob Cass says

    what's the point of watching without hearing you say stuff like:"OKAAAAAAAAAY""lata bish""BUT HOW USELESS IS MY JUNGLER""WAHAHAAAAAAAAAA""OOPAUUUUUUUUUUUSH"

  12. Josh On A boat says

    Wow, im so relaxed right now. Thank u rat

  13. Aezyn says

    just waiting for the jumpscare yimit shouting some random bullshit

  14. Seweryn says

    I come here to listen to rat talk 🙁

  15. Alexander Brandtner says

    The fact that Caut did not buy anti heal is stupid!

  16. StizzyOfficial says

    Finally rat

  17. N.O One says

    You know that you're being a dick when RatIRL is telling you to chill out

  18. TrolliPoliisi says

    Okay great vid and all but can you link the playlist :D?

  19. MNova B says

    holy 7:43 blitz his team just griefs him, no wonder hes mad :O

  20. Albert Iho says

    Any1 else making the OOOOOOOOOKAY and UNLEASHED sounds themself?

  21. anonymous commentator says

    How do i find his i dont know how to type these symbols😂

  22. Game Zor says

    14k People laughing at that blitz, what a guy lol.

  23. Rayan78 says

    Veigar is so fkin boring dude

  24. hcms1000able says

    I swear to god, rat is the best streamer but he has super cringe community of fanboys. Yesterday played vs a guy named "Woman" on eune who only played champions that Rat plays. Veigar yuumi on normals lol. Every day i face someone with "l9" tag or something and they are always bad

  25. Victor L'incurvé says


  26. CloutBoy BeBop says

    You say relaxing but I actually got tilted for the Janna. Imagine having to support that Shen who has a mental weaker than my relationship with my kids.

  27. GaylordTV says

    well bc is right tho glacial veigar has no right to exist in a balanced game ever.

  28. alix says

    relaxing gameplay

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