North East United FC Midfielder Milan Singh Lifestyle||How Milan Singh Spend Lockdown


North East United FC Midfielder Milan Singh Lifestyle||How Milan Singh Spend Lockdown

former North East United Fc Midfielder Milan Sing lifestyle during lockdown….And we also visit to his beautiful farm…I hope everyone will enjoy this video…Please watch till the END🙏🙏🙏



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Thanks for watching🤝🤝🤝

  1. Thangminlun Lotjem says

    7:07 a na music man hi a link inthot oo 🙏🏼🙏🏼bro

  2. JGG Touz says

    Da Milan hi AC MILAN a kichem le angailut chom2 diu ahe amin jeh a ✌️😁🤗 ipi hileh nanbol hoiye Minlen, hung machal jingin ✌️😎😇👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻

  3. Chad Thangcha Hk says

    My aim is to have a big fisheries farm.

  4. Satginson Kipgen says

    Keep up the good work broo

  5. Lenminthng Lots says

    H minlen 2boi kn ngaisng lhe e

  6. Thangginmang Khongsai says

    Really appreciate u for your hardwork, God Bless you 👍

  7. Enje Haokip says

    Aphat kai e… Ball peh dingin thao val behseh e…

  8. Hey it's me again says

    Farm abol dan cu miching tah ahe

  9. Minlal Haokip says

    Hitobang hohi ahi kathanup na

  10. lenin khongsai says

    But the way how he act seems something like proudy guys whatever good keep it up👍👍

  11. ZOUGAM Net says

    Eimi ho gavil joh o, Sopi, Siem hanghal te ho Siemboi teho joh, chi ho boche naga vil sang in

  12. J_Gou Kipgen says

    Pro footballer din ahindan chu pachat a ume.🤩✌

  13. Sasang Haokip says


  14. Haoneo Baite says

    Bro currypatta chu hoi a pat a alah a ipi t atu ham kadei e🙏

  15. Jerry kai Kilong says

    Creative midfielder, his vision and penetrate pass make him more effective

  16. MRamos Haokip says

    Vetnom um g vrle bro👍👍👍… Meilhei players adang hojong video hinbol o bro

  17. Sen Nou says

    Please show us some of his freekicks

  18. Bem Touthang says

    Thanop a um tave kaden

  19. PsonYkipz Kipz says

    Wow Ka nga lel pen kht ahi💓

  20. Bawih Haokip says

    Milan singh,your life style and play style is a big inspiration..God bless you

  21. stephen haokip says

    Bai na br hoi e vet nom um lheh e bai meilhei pao natho cu ngainom um e bai😀😀😀

  22. Neng Haokip says

    ngaisang aume Milan chu..a lifestyle chu ka thanop natah in aume

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