Nr1 Upgrade For Any Mercedes! Android Infotainment Screen Install! (W204, W205, W211 etc..)


My favorite interior modification for my C63 AMG yet! 10.25″ Android Infotainment screen install! Check out CKM Car Design here:


CKM Car Design Instagram:

Tools used in this video:
Plastic pry tool kit:

Torx Bit Set:

Pick Tool Set:

AutoVlog Merch:

(These are affiliate links that I get a minor kickback from IF you were to buy any of the items below)

Main Vlogging Camera: Sony A6400

Sony 10-18mm lens:

Sony AX53 Handycam (4K)

Sony AX33 Handycam (4K)

External Mic: (With wind protector) for Sony AX33/53/6400

Canon GX7: (2nd Vlogging camera)


GoPro Hero7 Black: (4K 60fps)

GoPro Hero5 Session: (4K 30fps) (Smaller size, good for POV videos)

GoPro Hero5: (4K 30fps)




MacBook Pro I7 16GB RAM 512 GB SSD


Final Cut Pro X:



Suction Cups: (For GoPro’s, the one you get through GoPro sucks)

Camera Slider:

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  1. Thunderace says

    thx for the metric system, now I don't have to convert it every time to km/h 😂

  2. Ari Karjalainen says

    Allways satisfying when you do stuff like this even though you are not that experienced and everything just works. Good job Mike!

  3. Jerome Russell De Musicologist says


  4. Ben Clingin says

    They should design one that mounts flush in the existing OEM slot.The floating tablet look is no good. I would take a smaller screen for the cleaner look. The OEM screen size is plenty big enough.

  5. Charles Stauffer says

    Good job

  6. Mike Ferryman says

    Ha I love that, dinners read brb lol. Hey your definitely getting better at tearing shit apart and putting it back together. Nice work

  7. Miguel Themen says

    The unit looks cool and nice Mike. Gives the interior of the 204 indeed a 2020 look. How is the sound quality, though? How responsive is the touch screen? Does it lag? What is the start up time?

  8. Jon Fries says

    Gonna be completely honest. This guy makes me want to work harder in life for what i want and what i want to do. I love the vids man

  9. David Brady says

    Great job Mike it looks amazing. If I had a Merc I woukd definitely buy one and give it a go 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  10. Walid Jeid says

    Bra jobbat

  11. Walid Jeid says

    Good video

  12. Clif Bradley says

    This IS only for Mercedes cars. Other vehicle brands aren't supported.

  13. Andrew Dix says

    That is pretty cool! Good job doing it yourself!

  14. Philipp Schneidenbach says

    Silent follower here. You should keep documenting all your installs at this level of detail. That's actual and good quality enthusiast content, good job.

  15. Clif Bradley says

    That is awesome. Although I thought it was going to sit inside the dash and not outside the dash. Going to check them out for my vehicle, but mine came out in 2020, so doubt it. You did a good job.

  16. Johan Johansson says

    WOW! Vilken skillnad. Sjukt mycket snyggare. Grymt jobbat.

  17. A says

    Wtf why have they used the BMW dials for the Merc lmao

  18. Jap Car Junkie says

    Good bit of kit is that screen. Brings the interior upto modern standards 👍

  19. Jeremy Shearer says

    Lame video🥱😴

  20. Neil Patching says

    I'm proud of you Mike well done…Cheers

  21. MaxedOut755 says

    Have the exact same one. Bought it about 3 months ago. Really great product. Completely worth it

  22. Ionel88 says

    How can you install something like this on a W211 ???

  23. Andres Navarro says

    Good Job!

  24. ISLAM says

    it looks so bad

  25. BlackList Racing says

    tell them to make one for the amg GT

  26. koos lehlogonolo says

    Amazing work

  27. TheLovatt123 says

    Buy an M4

  28. The DocMack Car Channel says

    The new screen looks modern. Definitely looks better.

  29. Bjarne Lindberg says

    Thats look really nice. 🙌

  30. GabyKatut says

    That is not plugged and play 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  31. joshua6200 says

    You actually doing "car" stuff!! Amazing!!!! 🙂

  32. Wrya syamand says

    Good job mike, u getting better at this 👏🏻👏🏻😆

  33. Aaron Reynoso says

    How do you order it? I wanted to order a steering wheel but the website is a bit hard to understand.

  34. Megi Z says

    It looks like the current C class.

  35. I_Love_Top_Gear 334 says

    Tbh. Seeing all those cables would have made me nervous and I would most likely mess something up. Good Job Mike!

  36. Nacereddine GTRD says

    All it needs now is some carbon pieces for the interior

  37. Jonas Loges says

    Bra jobbat buddy! Looks great. Still envy on the cars you're able to buy in the US, with them being hyper-duper-super-mega expensive in Denmark.

  38. cubbysrig says

    Great demonstration, Mike! No I want one for my E 500.

  39. steven fu says

    I love how the dashboard is the bmw sport gauges

  40. Ali Hourani says

    That sport screen is from a bmw 😂😂😂

  41. CKMCardesign says

    Happy it worked out so well. Good job man.

  42. Thomas Telling says

    Looks like something mercedes installed in their 2015 models by the way the screen is installed.

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