1. Zenos YEET Galvus's Dank Meme Factory says

    Now THIS Is what I call an epic bruh moment. Gamers rise up

  2. Perry D says

    Well o.o I think I have a new favorite battle track. This is what an insanely powerful boss’ theme should sound like! I’m gonna have to gear up and learnt his fight soon. I wanna defeat omega and get that mount!

  3. Benjamin Keith says

    Ah, what can I say about this? Hearing this song for the first time after phase 1… it's like a punch to the face. Just… a masterpiece. Keep it up, Soken! Hope we get something just like this for the end of Final Fantasy XIV!

  4. John Smith says

    Congratulations again on your quick clear!

  5. Quester91 says

    Wtf this is awesome

  6. Rynn21 says


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