Official Stable Android 11 is Finally Here, Lets Talk Best New Features & Changes


After 11 is finally official, today Google announced and made available the official stable version of Android 11 for all pixel devices. starting with any pixel device from the pixel 2 you should be able to download a stable version over the air OTA. in today’s video we will cover the top best features of Android 11 on our pixel devices pixel 4 XL and the pixel 4a. Presented by TK Bay. I will discuss the release Schedule from Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, And Oneplus in this video. This is my android 11 review

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Xiaomi, Oppo, and huawei announcement

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  1. TK Bay says

    Video had an upload problem and I reposted the full video here, sorry for the confusion

  2. gnardog 46 says

    Downloaded to my 4XL and my wife's 3A.So awesome.

  3. andy W says

    Recent apps gesture has stopped working on my pixel 3 after update!

  4. IRON SKULL says

    I wonder when we will get update for the One Plus 7t Pro Mclaren ed.

  5. Lany Tuts says

    Nice info for the Android 11 features.👍

  6. Tech Twon B says

    Do oneplus 7 pro have the android 11 today

  7. 4B_ SA7RAWI says

    My phone is google pixel 2 xl and i haven't got the update yet

  8. Divyanshu Gupta says

    Not available in India on my pixel 3a xl

  9. Towelie says

    Please someone tell me when will it come out on samsung a10s

  10. Marcus Young says

    Guess the TMobile branded OnePlus 8 won't get Android 11 till 2021

  11. Chemy Torres says

    I don't know if it's just me, the video ended at 7.27 and looks like there should be more in the video, no good bye as regularly we hear from you

  12. tariro samuriwo says

    Got it in zim on pixel 3

  13. Sean Cyr says

    Excellent content as usual my friend. It just stopped though 😐😂

  14. همسات سلفية SalafiTalk says

    sub mee aaand i willl subb backk 😀 <3!!!!<3

  15. Billy Taylor says

    I am fucking pissed at OnePlus.. I have the OnePlus 7 Pro and I will probably have to wait three more months for my OnePlus 7 Pro to receive Android 11. FUCK ONEPLUS.the OnePlus 8 series is shit with the goddamn pin hole camera blemishing the screen. That is why I didn't upgrade. Triple fuck OnePlus. Pay more, price increases every year. Fucking over the users of older devices by making them wait longer for the latest Android.Motherfuckers

  16. saif tolba says

    I need the wallpaper please !

  17. Gary TheFireman says

    Finally got the download notification on my Pixel 4 XL. Had the beta, but there's nothing like a final stable build. Feels soooo gooood 🤓

  18. MIRZA RIZWAN says

    I literally fell asleep 💤 Your voice is like ASMR

  19. mouad talbi says

    The video is incomplete?

  20. drreality1 says

    Thank you so much sir

  21. Rishabh Raj Gupta says

    Your video ended abruptly

  22. Mayank Dutt Kaushik says

    I have Google Pixel 3a, but I can't see any update yet, any thoughts?

  23. Electro says

    When will Samsung Note 20 Ultra get this 🤪

  24. b m SHOWz l بي ام شووز says

    Do a review about coloros 11 and android 11 beta on oppo

  25. HR-Vex says

    Looking forward to get it on my Sony Xperia 1 II

  26. Sajjad Mistri says

    This is the first android 11 stable update video on YouTube. #1

  27. Magmoner says

    Notif squad!

  28. Javier Hidalgo says

    Yes. I am here on my lunch to watch this man provide good content.

  29. Malick alex says


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