1. CAT S says

    محد يعرف شلون نزل هاي لعبه

  2. Eu Mhenkz says

    I hope your developer wasn't namco's bandai 😬

  3. ツ꧁ꎇꍏꈤꈤꌩ꧂ says

    Me:Yes theres a new game one piece My phone: hmmm "we dont have enought space" Me: nani!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!

  4. Wily kath says

    Solid mechanic hoping for global release also

  5. KKV says

    Why does chilnese/taiwan/hongkong make so many good looking anime games which the world does not get…bandai and all better step their shit up.

  6. allijah denise says

    this will be a hit

  7. sayan boy says

    When i can play this game?

  8. Free Hicham says

    How to ĺogin please

  9. Nestor Martinez says

    Te saltas ese paso para poder ingresar al juego

  10. Nestor Martinez says

    El usuario para poder ingresar

  11. jokowikodokbuduk says

    idiot play mobile game. mobile game not a gamers,is a childish.

  12. Doni Setyawan says

    when its will be release officially? I wanna play it too T_T

  13. Michael Ubani says

    I bet you don't even know one piece you just play it because of the game

  14. Cassidy says

    p2w 100%

  15. Rifan Pati says

    when will it be released in Indonesia

  16. VinzTar says


  17. Dave Pan says

    Wow!!! When is release on Google Play?

  18. Chanra Lee says

    Akhhhh i think this ofline…

  19. Weeb says

    How can I download this and is it coming to global?

  20. Mariano García Collia says


  21. Rinne says


  22. Sam Frost says

    Finally a good one piece game hopefully they add voice when they use skills

  23. Jamie Teo says

    I will uninstall this game once I see VIP

  24. ʇɐɥʍ says

    man they cant afford the voice actors

  25. M ZROOG says

    Haw am i download the beta version

  26. Anggiat Situmeang says

    Is that online or offline?

  27. Usuario de google Usuario de google says

    Bounty rush is trash than new game jaja. Bandai wish global.

  28. Mogiwara sanji zoro Mogiwara says

    I download the app but it's not working way

  29. Franklin Baris says

    When is the game coming out I dont care if it's in Chinese

  30. SGames YT says

    Upload the game of the new best update of Sausage Man that just came out Please

  31. Cimon Bkr says

    Npc is so bad

  32. Ciel brillant says

    Waiting Voice acting.

  33. CrZ says

    Is It me or they have a moveset really similar to Kaizoku Musou (Pirate Warriors) Ones? Almost the same.(But I like It)

  34. Montacer Mahdjoub says

    Global version is a must , this looks absolutely fire . I hope it will be like the bleach 3D game and gets an English version.

  35. Bingbang Bong says


  36. кυяєиαι says


  37. Acnologia says

    Bản taptap vs tiktok full buồn vl

  38. canal animeiro says

    Better than pirate warriors

  39. Baphomet Rag says

    Chinese version?

  40. Darky Game says


  41. Biel Sylva says


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