OUR BEST SIGNING EVER! [Season 3] Ep. 07 – Football Manager 2020


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team




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  1. Ellis Dixon says

    You need to get Mitch George on loan from Burnley

  2. Carl Anakwa says

    Bro. I’m Ghanaian. It’s said asanti not Asante

  3. Joshua Phillips says

    You probably won’t see this comment but get bobby devyne best player for the lower leagues he scored 45 goals for me last season

  4. walley94 says

    Wheres the new episode neppoooooo

  5. jtheorangeman says

    If that is "lightning wing" Ernest Asante, he used to play for my local team Ik Start in Kristiansand, Norway.

  6. Dodgee Gamer says

    Always used to read your write-ups on the SI Forums back in the day – the Youth Player Project turned me into a regen wonderkid hunter for life!

  7. George Howell says

    Top man on the FM content, Foulstone's stats for a non-league player are insane

  8. Craig Tyson says

    Would be good to show tips on training schedule. I normally go a top team and let staff do it for me, so would be good to learn how to utilise training yourself

  9. Craig Tyson says

    Loved footy manager, Just got it on steam for father's day. Just don't know how to edit a team or create my own. Biffo Borough lol. Help would be appreciated.

  10. Dwight Hindle says

    I am looking forward to every video of this atm.

  11. Jake T says

    Nep Team Sweat played like Arsenal that last game lol

  12. Mouad says

    would love to the stats of some of the best players in the world just to have an idea of how a good player looks like

  13. Francis Olorunfunmi says

    Can i just nep is looking hella fresh

  14. Johnny Moseley says

    “We. Are. Cruising”….Enter the FIFA aids.

  15. Sean Watling says

    Play 2 strikers I got asante in at blyth Spartans and he got me 31 league goals as a poacher

  16. Ian Deeley says

    Nice New Haircut Nep!

  17. Jamie Barker says

    Who prefers neps blonde hair

  18. liam lusted says

    Nep please please utilise the mentoring tab

  19. Jake Driver says

    Pro tip, don’t wash windows with crumpets.

  20. Pat Skillz says

    When is the next F8TAL episode? It’s almost been a week since the last one

  21. 0114sidd says

    Coffee out of a straw lol

  22. Bryson Forsmans says

    Why is this like my favorite content rn

  23. ayr fresh says

    I recommend going in for Hickey at hearts for the LB.

  24. Walter Dog says

    Lets go season 3 baby

  25. Darragh Skehan says

    Why am I the only one unhappy that Nep isn’t shaving his head he made a promise

  26. frenzy says

    Watched those games on twitch. Whittaker is doing the business!!!!

  27. Juan Felipe Hernández says


  28. Callum Davis says

    Havant is pronounced haven't don't know why but got on my nerves when he said it wrong 😂😂

  29. StopSnooping says

    Nep could feel it commming in the air toniiiite

  30. Joshua Love says

    George Elokoni plays for Maidstone? Wow

  31. Biddley Boo Taribo West says

    Is he standing up? Looks weird

  32. Rubén Cambra says

    Nep, I've just noticed about your hair, and it looks amazing! I know this is like the most pointless comment ever, but I just wanted to let you know I think you look amazing 💕

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